How To Remove Grass Stains and Puppy Pee

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
My daughter has a grass stain on her pretty little, made with love by Grandma, Easter dress. How can I get it out before we see Grandma again?

My 13 year old dog has recently urinated on our carpet, for reasons unknown to us. How can I get that horrible odor out before I go and purchase some doggy Depends?
Stink and Stains in Smyrna

how to get grass stains out of clothes

WinkIvy says:

First of all, I totally read that as “My 13 year old urinated on our carpet”. I was totally about to suggest counseling, but when it’s a 13 year old dog, I understand. But let’s get to the grass stains question first, shall we?

The very best grass stain getter-outer, I have found, is automatic dishwashing detergent. My personal fave is Cascade, but you can use any brand, probably. Dishwasher detergent has bleach-like powers, so be sure you spot test first.

What I do is get the item and soak it in a bucket with a couple of gallons of the hottest water the garment can stand and about a half cup of dishwasher detergent overnight. I doubt you really have to soak it that long, but that’s how I do it. Then you just toss the garment in the washing machine as usual, and the grass stains will be gone just like that.

puppy odor in carpet

Now for the doggy odor problem. It’s very important to get the smell entirely out of the carpet. When the dog has an accident, you want to take a towel, and soak up the urine. Press down hard to make sure you get as much as possible. Blot! Don’t rub!!

how to remove stains from clothes
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Once you’ve soaked up as much pee as possible, use an enzymatic cleaner like Kids N Pets on the spot. If you have a carpet steam cleaner, you can use that on the spot. If you don’t, it might be a good time to rent a Rug Doctor. I find the Rug Doctors work quite well for getting your carpet really clean- be sure you are using an enzymatic cleaner in the Rug Doctor.

If you find you have tried everything and the odor is still there, you may need to take drastic steps and rip up the carpet. There’s a good tutorial on cleaning urine stains from subflooring on my Curbly blog.

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1 thought on “How To Remove Grass Stains and Puppy Pee”

  1. I have three dogs and occasional pee accidents do happen. I have found that the best way to soak up the pee is to initially blot with paper towels or white rags, then I cover the entire pee spot with about a 1/2 inch of Borax (found in the laundry isle). This pulls up most of the remaining wetness, more than towels, more than baking soda. I leave the Borax on for a about a day. It'll get damp and turn light yellow, then I sweep it up with a hand brush and dust pan (I don't want that stuff in my vacuum). I keep applying the Borax until it no longer gets damp. Unfortunately, this can take quite a bit of the stuff, but it really works (I am in no way affiliated with Borax, nor am I getting compensated for this). I've also found that the dogs don't repeat-pee on the area treated. Bonus! Until I can get the Little Green Machine this has been the most effective way I've found to get the pee up. By the way, I've had dogs all my life and have had to deal with my fair share of accidents and this is the only thing that has worked, including enzymatic cleaners.


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