ABCs of Home-Ec 101

A is for apples and apple cider, use it in French toast, oatmeal, and pancakes, or pie.

Ammonia, never to be mixed with bleach. It also keeps your windows sparkling clean.

B is for Bacon, the king of all cured meat. B is also for budget and we buckle down when we must. B is also for Bathrooms where we all have to go, so we might as well keep those clean and shiny.

C is cleaning from left to right and top to bottom it’s also for crock-pot and chlorine bleach. We do chores every day and sometimes we fight, but we learn to assign them fairly so everything’s alright.

D is for decluttering your home to make more space. Diapers, dusting, dishes, and do I have to dry clean?

E is for eating seasonally, eggs, and electricity. E is also for Emergency, are you prepared?

F is for feeling desperate, alone, and overwhelmed. F is for fish and also for fixing all those little things. F is for freezing. Do you know how? And finally, frugal living.

G is for gravy, one of your first cooking skills.

H is for homemade versions of all your favorites.

I is for ink, a pain of a stain. I is also for independence, something you gain with the life skills you learn along the way.

J is just do something already and also jam, which makes these pork chops a family favorite.

K is knives, better keep them sharp and don’t forget knife skills, they make cooking less of a chore. K is also for kitchen, the heart of the home, it’s also a pain in the butt to keep clean, so we have an entire section on that room alone.

L is for linoleum and laminate, lemon shake-ups, and limescale, too. Let’s not forget Laundry.

M is for meal plan, which we’ll teach you to do. It’s for Menu Mondays and meatloaf that you’ll make again and again, and marinara, which isn’t just meatless spaghetti sauce, and don’t forget our merch.

N is for noodles and I want you to never stop learning, but take time to enjoy some no-bake oatmeal cookies, you can even swap in some Nutella, if you like.

O is for odors, on those we have posts galore. It’s also for organizing, that never ending chore.

P is for pantry, which we all should have. Shop from it weekly to keep your budget on track. Keep it stocked, in case zombies attack.

Q is quick breads, you know zucchini and the like.

R is reader questions, the reason this site exists.

S is for Solos, Heather, you know her she’s the author of the site and the book. S is for the seal of approval, send one to someone you love.

T is for transparency and trust. It’s also for thawing turkeys safely. (Trust me, this comes up a lot around here. Thanksgiving is kind of a big deal.)

U is for upholstery, which can be a nightmare to clean.

V is for vinyl, not our favorite flooring choice.

W is for washing because the laundry never ends. It gets an entire category. Enjoy!

X is for the eXtra effort you’ll put into this company-worthy pot roast. You’ll have to cut me some slack, I found something for Q.

Y is for the answer to How do you keep a clean home? YOU put crap away.

Z and z? is for zippered freezer bags and how to use them to keep your frozen food fresh.

And with that, friends and neighbors, I am going to take a nap. If you have lingering questions, you can send them to!

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