Another quick look at laundry

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Dear Home Ec 101,
Your recent post about sorting laundry brought up a question I’ve been meaning to ask someone for years. What, exactly, is permanent press?
~Baffled in Beaufort

what is permanent press clothing?

Heather says:

We love the questions that find their way into our email inboxes. I never knew exactly what permanent press was, either. I’m a casual dresser and don’t own much that doesn’t fall under: denim, cotton, or cotton.

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Permanent press refers to articles of clothing that have been chemically treated to resist wrinkles. It is a lot like giving your pants a perm. Certain fabrics when exposed to methanol or other chemicals tend to retain their shape at the time of exposure.

I learned something new.  Thank you for the question.

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  1. Permanent press is a great idea every now and then for your clothes but just a regular washer and dryer can do the trick most of the time. Just follow the correct steps and you will do fine.

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