Countdown to Turkey Day

countdown to thanksgiving turkey day graphic

Hello! We are officially counting down to Thanksgiving 2023. Thanksgiving is on the 23rd of November this year. If this is your first Thanksgiving hosting or cooking for your family, we are here to help. We will be covering everything from getting your house ready to host a meal, when and how to invite your …

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Where’s the Meat in Mincemeat Pies

mincemeat pies

Via Twitter: what exactly is mince meat pie? it isn’t meat, i know that much, but [what] is it? ~Concerned *Updated December 2022* Dear Concerned: The gag factor seems to be running high here on Home Ec 101 today. Lisa here — I love mince pies. In fact, I order them for delivery every December …

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Lentil Pilaf, Side Dish

Updated 2022 Need something warm and filling to round out your plate? This lentil pilaf side dish is great for those avoiding simple carbohydrates. It would also easily convert to a vegetarian/vegan dish simply by switching to vegetable stock. I pull out this recipe as the temperatures start to drop. I particularly like it next …

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Peanut Butter Fudge

Updated 2022, Originally published December 2008 I almost wish I hadn’t updated this microwave peanut butter fudge recipe. Why? It’s dangerously easy. I don’t mean it’s dangerous in that you’ll hurt yourself making it. I mean that it’s too easy to make when you are hunting for a snack and in the mood for something …

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How to Make Egg Salad

Egg salad is a classic recipe that can come in handy. Many years ago, When I was a very young mother, very lonely, and newly married, I belonged to a church that often asked the women to take turns hosting small groups. I wish I had known how little pressure I actually had to put …

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Weekly Menu

Plate with a knife and fork to represent hands on a clock with peas to represent times for meal plans or meal planning for our weekly menu series

We may live in two homes and have two very different lives, but we’re a family by choice. Each week we will be updating this post with our weekly menu plans. You can learn a little more about our lives below the weekly plans by clicking the Continue Reading button just below the three menus. …

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How Do I Reduce Lint in My Laundry?

blue lint brush on wooden table

Dear Home-Ec 101,My husband wears a lot of black shirts. Lately, I’ve noticed that his shirts are covered in fuzz and lint. We’ve never really had this problem before. Is the lint coming from my washer or my dryer? Is there anything I can do to reduce the lint? Is there any way I can convince …

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