All About Beef Chuck

Image of a cow showing the primal cuts including the chuck

What is beef chuck? Beef chuck is a weird phrase, right? Doing a little etymological digging, it seems that the term chuck started out as “chunk” and slowly evolved into “chuck.” There are various stories about the chuck wagon in the American cowboy tradition being a part of this, but I’m not sure how much …

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Breakfast Skillet For an Easy Family Meal

There’s no need to load the family up and try to beat the rush to Denny’s or IHOP on a weekend morning. Breakfast skillets are an easy way to use up leftovers for an easy, economical meal. Whenever I bake potatoes, I load up the tray. First, because potatoes are cheap and filling and second …

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Baked Potatoes

Baked potato topped with chili, cheese, sour cream, and chives

Fellow blogger and brand new mom Julieann asked, “How do you make your baked potatoes?” Yes, we are heading way back into the archives, blowing off the dust, and freshening up an old post. Baked potatoes are a favorite around Home-Ec 101. Why? Well, we’re heading back to the basics in the kitchen and baked …

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A Guide to Kitchen Disinfection and Sanitation

Hi, Home-Ec 101, I just read your article on Hydrogen Peroxide. I just love your website! I was wondering what you use to disinfect/sanitize your kitchen counters. I am trying to find something natural and have a hard time finding information on what actually kills bacteria, germs, etc. I read one way to kill bacteria/germs …

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Baked Spaghetti – Comfort Food

What’s your favorite comfort food? Our family’s recent go-to is baked spaghetti, I belong to a group on Facebook for food lovers that also enjoy True Crime. It has the absolute best name (it’s for fans of My Favorite Murder) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Crime. Isn’t that just the best? Anyhow, one of the more …

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