One of those days

Heather says: Today is one of those days, the kind of day where nothing is a crisis on its own, but added together it becomes one great big mess. I live in Hurricane Country, seven or eight months of the year I ensure I have clean enough clean bottled water to last my family for …

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Benefits of a Well Stocked Pantry


Dear Home-ec 101: I hate going to the grocery store each week and spending so much money. I’ve heard that I need to have a stocked pantry, but I don’t understand how that will help me. If I buy twice as much food so that I have some in the pantry for next week, won’t …

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Recipe: How to Make Sweet Tea

Dear Home-Ec 101, My inlaws from down South are coming to town, I need help! All they do is complain about how awful the food is here and how there is no ‘sweet tea’ to be found. I’d like to make a good impression. Signed, I Like it Bitter in Minneapolis How to make sweet …

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