Organizational Week 5

The scope of this week’s challenge will depend on your time and energy level. Today, starting with your closet, hang everything in it neatly. This sounds simple, but as you go through and hang items, immediately put those you no longer need or want in your donation box (from week 1). If you want to …

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Organizational Sunday Week #4: The Linen Closet

This week’s organizational challenge will tie neatly into the next few weeks. We’re getting started on clothing and laundry. I usually see it recommended to start by putting all the clean laundry away. I generally have a hard time putting clean laundry away when the act of actually getting the laundry put away becomes an …

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The Weekly Organizational Challenge Week 3: The Entryway

Weekly Organizational Challenge Image for Week 3 the Entryway: Image shows a recycling tote bag, a cardboard box, a green tote bag and a brown door

If Home-Ec 101 were a magazine, there would be a photo gallery of entryway tables and adorable mail sorters with chalkboards to write your inspirational quotes on. I’m not that person. If you are, I probably drool over your inspirational Pinterest pictures. I’ve also lived in apartments with no foyer, just hello, welcome to the living …

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Organize It With Easy Organization Challenges

This year we’re going to focus on getting our house in order. This concept applies to the literal and the figurative. Yes, we’re going to organize and find a place for everyone’s things, but we’re also going to work on creating and sticking to a family budget, we’re going to work hard to give back to …

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It’s a New Year at Home-Ec 101

Home-Ec 101 Goals

Heather says: Last year was a year of big changes and uncertainty. Ray and I knew our feelings for each other, but as people with children and co-parents who will always be actively involved, there’s more to life-changing decisions than our own feelings. We began navigating the uncertain waters of “Can we make this work …

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