Countdown to Thanksgiving Day: Turkey Talk

turkey talk thanksgiving turkey let's talk turkey

Hello, welcome back to Countdown to Turkey Day. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving without overwhelm. You can catch up on everything covered so far at the bottom of the page, but today we’re talking turkey. Do you know what size turkey you need to buy? The amount of turkey you need will depend on …

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Organizational Challenge: The Freezer

Graphic elements: two tote bags, an open cardboard box, a chest freezer on a pale background with the text Weekly organizing challege week 11 the freezer

Today’s organizational challenge is the freezer. We are setting ourselves up for success in the future and not focusing on the past. Please try not to dwell on any should haves. I’ve been running this site for 15 many years now and still find mystery objects in the bottom of my freezer. Life happens. You …

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Countdown to Turkey Day: Make Ahead Recipes

make ahead recipes

Welcome back to the Home Ec 101 Countdown to Turkey Day. We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving without the overwhelm. If you need to catch up, click here to see what we’ve covered so far. in our twenty-eight part series Today we are talking about recipes you can make ahead to reduce the amount of effort …

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Where do you get those glasses?

Heather says: I find seeing to be rather important. One of the downsides of my new job with FeedBlitz is that I’m sitting in front of a computer screen 40ish hours a week + whatever time I read or work on Home Ec 101 things. The downside to that? Eyestrain. The cure? Rest your eyes? …

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A Day of Freezer Cooking

Recently someone sent in an email or left a comment -I can’t remember which- asking for recipes fit for the freezer. I know we’ve covered it in the past, but I thought today would be a good time to post a refresher. It’s been a very hectic season in our home. This has led to …

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