The Joy Of Great Customer Service

Ivy says: Watch out, world! Ivy’s back! I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well, between dealing with several family emergency-type things, trying to pull myself out of the very serious depression I’d been in for over a year and a half, and starting a new project, I was completely harried and needed some …

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Guest Post: Home Ec Minus 101

Ivy says: My good pal Hutchmo wrote a post on Facebook that had me rolling in the aisles. I got his permission to post this here. It gives you very good perspective into what our husbands (or wives, in some cases) may be thinking when they wad a sheet into the linen closet! Here’s a …

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Finish Quantum Giveaway Winner!

Ivy says: We have the lucky winners of the Finish Quantum dishwashing detergent giveaway! The winners are: Go Jen Go Princess Leia Joanna Shelley Jill W Congratulations! You’ll be contacted by email for your details. Thanks for entering, everyone!

Retro Saturday: Kitchen Towels vs Paper Towels

Retro Saturdays give Heather and Ivy a chance to spend time with their family. It also gives new readers a peek into the Home Ec 101 archives. Sit back and enjoy this blast from the Home-Ec 101 past. Dear Home-Ec 101, I use way too many paper towels and kitchen wipes.  Part of the problem is that …

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Build A Bear $25 Gift Card Winner!

Ivy says: Congratulations to Shauna of Opishposh for winning the Build A Bear $25 gift card giveaway! Lucky #52 got it this time: Click to make bigger. Congrats, Shauna! I’ll be in touch to get shipping info! Stick around, Home Eccers, more awesome giveaways are right around the corner!

Dont beat yourself up over non-productiveness

Ivy says: Darling Home-Eccers, I would like to apologize about the lack of updates this week. Heather has family in town all week, and while I was totally planning on covering everything this week, I have managed to hit the trifecta of feeling crappy. First, my hidradenitis suppurativa has had a very major flare-up, leading …

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And We Have A Winner!

Ivy says: We have a winner for our Reynolds Handi-Vac giveaway! It is Melissa from A Penny Closer. Melissa, be expecting an email from us this weekend sometime requesting your shipping information. Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck next time! 🙂

Keep It Down, Fido!

Ivy says: As I was laying down to go to sleep last night, the dog in the house behind me decided to start barking. And he barked. And he barked. And he barked some more, for good measure. This happens just about every night, but with the cooler weather, it is worse for everyone that …

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Sermon Time

Ivy says: I’m not much on sermonizing. I’m of the opinion that talking about religion is best done on a one-on-one basis. However, I felt compelled to write this post. If you don’t want to hear about religion, please skip this post. Lately, both Heather and I have been down and troubled. Don’t worry- for …

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I came to see you, not your house

Ivy says: I’ve been wanting to touch on this for awhile, but have been unsure of how to bring it up. It’s a multi-faceted discussion, so this post might get long. Or, it might not, since I’m the queen of conciseness. Sort of. Anyway, one of the things people say to me when they first …

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