Lipstick in the Laundry

Red lipstick shoot in the studio

Sometimes the questions come in via Twitter. Today’s query: @TheMorrisBunch: Help!! I took clothes out of the wash and found red lipstick in the dryer and all over my clothes. First of all, yuck. I don’t envy your situation in the least; finding lipstick stains in the laundry is a great big hassle. To get …

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How do I remove set blood stains?

Folded khaki pants on top of folded jeans

Hi Home-Ec 101 Do you have any ideas for getting rid of set blood stains? What about blood stains that the dyer has set? I appreciate all the great info you share, even though I am an experienced homemaker. I’m always open to new tips, shortcuts, cleaning ideas, and new recipes! This one has me …

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How Do I Reduce Lint in My Laundry?

blue lint brush on wooden table

Dear Home-Ec 101,My husband wears a lot of black shirts. Lately, I’ve noticed that his shirts are covered in fuzz and lint. We’ve never really had this problem before. Is the lint coming from my washer or my dryer? Is there anything I can do to reduce the lint? Is there any way I can convince …

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How to Clean a Sweaty Baseball Cap

black ball cap on white counter with pineapple in background

Hi! I want to clean up my baseball cap without ruining the fabric or construction of the cap (the bill). Thanks,Sweaty in Sweetwater Hey there, I wasn’t expecting the level of research that it would take to answer this question. There are so many variables when it comes to baseball cap construction. Not only do you have …

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The Ugly Truth About Set-In Stains

Ink blot with yellow, red, pink, blue, gold, and orange paint to look like stains

Dear Home-Ec 101, How do you get out set-in stains, especially in clothes?They have been there a while. I don’t want to have to throw these tops out. Signed,Teresa the Terse in Terra Haute Heather says, I wish I were more comfortable on camera. Sometimes long answers, like those about set-in stains, are better heard than …

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Why Do the Armpits of my Shirts Always Turn Blue or Black?

Dear Home-Ec 101,A couple of months ago, blue stains started appearing in the armpits of my light colored shirts, and on the darker shirts, there were even darker, but more normal looking, stains after the shirts were washed. At first, I thought the issue was the natural deodorant I had started using, but even after I switched …

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What Causes Spots on Clothing?

Dear Home-Ec 101, I saw your email reply to someone asking why they were getting grease-like stains on their clothing after washing them.  Your reply said it was from a liquid fabric softener.  The problem is I don’t use fabric softener, and I get these grease like spots on my clothing quite regularly.  I cannot …

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