Cleaning Up After the Dog Pees on the Linoleum

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
How do you get chewed up plastic off the carpet? My puppy and my big dog chew everything! When I had hardwood it was easy. . . carpet, not so much.

Also, I have trained the puppy for the most part to pee outside, except for one area of the house. She insists on peeing there. How can I get the odor off the linoleum so she does not pee there any more?

Puppy Power!

cleaning linoleum after dog messed

girl.jpgIvy says:

This joke has very little to do with your post, but my son told me this joke recently, and I have to include it:

This three legged dog walks into a saloon in Texas and says, “I’m looking for the man who shot my Paw.”

Feel free to groan.  All bad dog puns aside, having dogs that chew everything up is no laughing matter! There are 2 things you can do to help this problem.

First, train your dogs to chew things they are supposed to chew. Make sure they have lots and lots and LOTS of chewy toysmunchy sticks and rawhide bones. I find when he has these to chew on, he doesn’t chew inappropriately. The other thing I would do, if you aren’t already, is crate your puppy when you are not available to watch her. But make sure you don’t leave her with a rawhide bone or anything she can choke on in there.

That in and of itself should curb the chewed up plastic on the floor issue immensely, but if you do still end up with chewed up plastic on the carpet, just use a broom to sweep it up. I know a broom on carpet sounds odd, but it really works!

guide to clean floors
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Cleaning the linoleum is no problem when you use KIDS N PETS Stain and Odor Remover. It works to get rid of the smell entirely so your dog won’t think to pee there anymore. If she still insists on going in that spot, I’d consider putting puppy pee pads down there so you can easily clean up the mess. Some dogs just insist on going in one spot in your house no matter what you do, I really don’t know why. I used to have a dog like that, when I put the puppy pee pad down, it saved a whole lot of cleaning! Good luck on your dog training, I know how hard that can be.

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11 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After the Dog Pees on the Linoleum”

  1. I completely agree that if dogs have appropriate stuff to chew on, they’re pretty good about not being “bad dog!”‘s. The rawhide bones are fantastic. As far as peeing, when we learned to let the dogs out every hour, the inside accidents stopped too (unless they are sick and have diarrhea or something).

  2. My mother uses Pee Pads for her Shi Tzus. They miss frequently and it’s just one more thing that needs to be worked on. I’d try blocking the pee area if the peeing doesn’t stop when appropriately cleaned. Never ever use ammonia based cleaners as their smell resembles urine and will make them relate the freshly cleaned area even more strongly to a pee spot.

  3. I was been cleaning dog's poo poo when I was a kid. I really love dogs that's why I was responsible of cleaning dirt. It's not really easy to clean it.Whew..

  4. Lino isn't the healthiest of floor coverings it gathers damp like a sponge.

    The only solution is to assert correct behaviour. Reward your dog for good behaviour and dissuade him/her from doing inappropriate things. Dogs are very clever they can learn quite quickly. However, it takes time. Consistently lay down the ground rules and your dog will learn. As for the smell, there are any number of products available just ask your local shop assistant and they will direct you.

    If you mean a home grown solution, vinegar and lemon is quite good. Dogs main sense is smell. If you have one of the most sensitive senses on Earth you would use it too! So your dog is probably detecting an odour there. Try and give the area a good cleaning as best you can. Then cordon it off.

  5. I have three dogs and had a pee problem in our new (to us) house (a rental) that has wall-to-wall neutral berber carpet. I thought I would try the pee-pads, but this just made them pee there more frequently, often missing the pad. I later found out that they contain chemicals/scent that encourages the dogs to pee on them, so I stopped using them. The tips on avoiding the problem mentioned in other posts are really important for avoiding continued problems. For the occasional accident I have found that after blotting up as much of the fluid as possible, covering the entire area with a fairly thick layer of Borax works wonders. It soaks up what the rags couldn't get to. You'll need to sweep up or vacuum the stuff (I prefer sweeping it into a dustpan because I don't want that stuff in my vacuum) when it becomes saturated (you can tell because it'll be damp and slightly yellow) and reapply a few times until the Borax remains dry after a day or so. Now this can be a lengthy process (a few days) and some of the Borax gets tracked around from the dogs walking through it, but it really works wonders and I have found that the dogs do not pee in that area again!

  6. Of course the best option is training the dog not to in the first place. Create training is best for this. However accidents do happen. I've been using the 50/50 water vinegar mixture with lots of success. The key here is to eliminate the odor without using ammonia or similar chemicals. Jennifer's comment about borax is a great suggestion too. I'm going to give that a try with my next pup.

  7. "Make sure they have lots and lots and LOTS of chewy toys"

    That's true! My dog used to chew on everything too, we got him some chewing toys, that solved the problem.

  8. Chewing things is equally innate in dogs as tail wagging. Chewing, shredding, and generally destroying things around them is quite normal so it is really important that they have toys and plenty of things chew:)


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