Countdown to Turkey Day: Guests are coming

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Hey there. How is the countdown going for you? Are you all caught up?

Thanksgiving is in ten days. How are you feeling about this? While I’m asking, how are you feeling in general?

Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but we still have to think about this. This is especially true if your guests include very young children, the elderly, or anyone at higher risk of complications. This year, in addition to the flu and Covid, RSV is also having a big season with the kids.

What can you do to ensure your home is less likely to be the inspiration for the next remake of Outbreak?

The least fun but most important rule, cancel if you must.

First, don’t be scared to cancel if anyone in your household exhibits any symptoms of illness. You have checked off the list a hundred times by now every time you make an appointment anywhere. The same rule goes for your guests and their children. If it comes down to it and they wouldn’t have any dinner that night, do a porch or door drop.

Yes, it sucks, and there will be some frustration as you navigate dealing with more leftovers than you planned for, but it’s better than saddling any friends or family with medical debt, right? Right.

This isn’t our first rodeo anymore; we have all learned to deal with disappointment.

Hand hygiene.

In your guest bathroom, you may want to leave a small stack of disposable hand towels on the counter in addition to the guest towel. (People are never quite sure if they are supposed to use that one or not anyway). These will also prevent transfer if someone wasn’t so scrupulous with their handwashing to someone else. We were all kids once. No judgment.

Almost all of us have bottles of hand sanitizer now. Leave one or two out where they are easily accessible to guests but out of reach of small children. This is especially helpful if there will be any infants around. It’s easier to remind people to clean their hands if it doesn’t have to be a big production and can be done wordlessly. If someone asks to hold the baby, and you want them to wash their hands first, just pass the hand sanitizer before handing them the baby.

High touch areas

Before everyone comes over on Thursday, give the doorknobs, switch plates, and TV remote a quick once over.


It’s still a good idea to get the air moving (out) of your home as much as possible when you have guests over. If you have a central air system, go ahead and have the fan running, it doesn’t have to be in heating or cooling mode, just moving the air.

If possible, also open a window to get some fresh air into the mix.

Thankfully it’s no longer 2020, and gathering, with reasonable precautions, is back ๐Ÿ‘€ on the table. Speaking of tables… is yours clear?


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