Countdown to Turkey Day: Time for the Recipe Check

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Season’s greetings- we’re getting close enough. We are in the two-week window. That’s right- it’s getting real, and the sales have started. If you are just tuning in, that’s OK. We have a list of everything we have covered so far, right down there.

For the rest of the class, it’s time to get your final menu and your recipes. It’s time to make your final shopping list.

Yes, you are right. We did create a shopping list 11 days ago. You have probably even been to the store since that happened.

A lot can happen in 11 days, especially when other people are in a household. Also, THAT was a tentative grocery list and, was also based on what we were pretty sure was going to be on the menu.

You now have your final menu plan (Does anyone else hear this in their head? It’s just me? Ok, sure)

Grab your spreadsheet, your final menu, and your shopping list. Do you need to print a new one? We’ve got you covered. Go through your spreadsheet and make any needed changes. Don’t forget your spices. Also, please don’t forget that spices have a shelf life, typically around a year. While checking your pantry and spice rack, please ensure that your spices still have flavor.

Once you know what you already have on hand, finalize your grocery list. Take this with you whenever you visit the store between now and Thanksgiving. We are now close enough to Thanksgiving that you can purchase almost everything except your leafy greens or a fresh turkey (did you order that yet?)

Finally, it’s been a while since we’ve asked: How is your table looking? Do you need to put anything away?

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