Countdown to Turkey Day: Timetable Review

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How has the countdown gone for you? Do you feel ready for Thursday? Good. If you need to review anything that we have covered so far, here’s the link.

Today is review day.

Not just your cooking timetable but everything Thanksgiving-related timetable.


Grab your timetable. Does everything on there still make sense? Now that you have almost everything you need, Thanksgiving is less a theoretical event that will happen sometime in the future and is looming a bit more like that final exam you’d blown off all semester. Let’s take another look and ensure that the time allotted for each item is realistic and that items that require the oven simultaneously will fit.

If you have questions about oven space, you can practice your oven Tetris while it is off. In fact, I highly encourage you do. Remember that your baking dishes will be more awkward to maneuver when full; figure out where your racks need to be placed so you are not adjusting them when they are hot.

What about guests?

Are any spending the holiday with you? Do they need to be picked up at the airport, bus, or train station? If so, who is in charge of that? Do you have their itinerary? Figure out those logistics now, so you aren’t making many stressed-out calls trying to find each other.

Check those labels you made on the Do not eats. Still there? Good. This is a daily check.

Tomorrow aka Tuesday, there won’t be an email:

It’s finally time to pick up your fresh turkey. If you are serving any kind of salad, it’s also the day to pick up any delicate produce day. This should be the final grocery run. Before you go, do the last call for anything you need warning.

Don’t forget to check for items like toilet paper before you head out for this grocery run.


Pie and prep day. You may also want to pick up ice from a convenience store if you plan to have extra ice on hand.

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day. You’ve got this.


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