Dresser Drawers | Weekly Organizational Challenge #7

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We are back for the second half of organizing the dresser.

Do you have those three containers we got way back in Week #1? You may need them today. Please note that when I suggest you purge items, consider your financial situation. If an item is needed, it is needed.

Let’s Organize Our Dresser Drawers

We are suggesting getting rid of items that do not fit, that no longer serve their purpose, or that you were never going to wear again anyhow.

The good thing about organizing a dresser is that each drawer is its own contained space. You have a series of little victories ahead of you. You can divide this job over the week or reward yourself as you work through the task.

Tip: Do your best to work in bright light. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get ready for the day without the frustration of discovering a stain or tear just before you leave or, worse, after you’ve already left?

As you decide whether to trash or donate clothing you won’t use, remember there is the option to recycle clothing.

In my area, I keep an eye out for the bins that are specifically for clothing and shoe recycling. The companies that place these bins turn the donated items into carpet padding, insulation, acoustic dampeners, yarns, etc. Whatever it is, they aren’t taking up space in the landfill or adding to the microplastic problem.

It is true that most thrift stores that accept donations have access to textile recycling. However, if it is possible if you know an item isn’t suitable for resale, recycle it if you can. Earth911.com has a locater for recycling options based on your location. (The site also has lots of other valuable information).

Don’t forget your old t-shirts and socks make great cleaning rags, or if you are crafty, you can turn old t-shirts into yarn for projects. Here’s an excellent tutorial for that from Red Ted Art

Good luck! Let’s do this.

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