Dusty blinds

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Dear Home Ec 101:
I have several faux wood white blinds that I have stored in the garage. I want to use these now and they have -needless to say- their share of spider webs, dust and other weird things on them. What is the best way to clean them?
~Dust in the Windows

how to clean blinds


Heather says:

Since there are several type of faux wood blinds there are several tactics to consider.

If the blinds are veneer try:

  1. The damp wipe: After ensuring no spiders are still lurking about, use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the dust, rinse and wring out often. [Ivy reviewed the micro fiber miracle cloth.]
  2. Compressed air: If you have access to an air compressor, a few blasts will quickly remove the worst of the dust and spider webs. A quick wipe down should finish the job.

For plastic blinds:

clean windows
Click the picture for more tips!

Water: break out the hose and lay those badboys out in the sun to dry.

Once they have been thoroughly cleaned simply use the soft bristle attachment and vacuum them on a regular basis. If you keep up with them, you will rarely have to deep clean the blinds. Pay heed, I’m about to have to tackle mine after having spent so long on bedrest.

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