Keeping The Exterior Of Your House Clean: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

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It’s said that we unconsciously form opinions about other people in the first 3 minutes that we see them. I don’t know if that holds true with houses, but I do know that curb appeal is very important in the real estate business. Here is some information to help you keep the outside of your house neat and tidy. Just click on the title to read the complete article.

clean the outside of your house

How to Clean Lawn Furniture

I have family and friends coming over for a barbecue. The menu’s set, the food is bought, the house is clean (well, it’s getting there), and I’m ready. Well, except for one thing. My lawn furniture is ewww and funk.

How to Clean an Outdoor Lighting Fixture

My husband bought two outside titanium lights that are brass finished from Patriot Lighting. The instructions say to clean the fixture once or twice a month using diluted bleach cleaner, then wait for one minute, then wipe off with cellulose sponge, then clean with a wet cloth.  Can you simplify this for me?

How To Clean Out Your Trash Dumpster

Today, I was so embarrassed when I got this note from the trash disposal guys: “Could you please clean out your dumpster? The stuff sticking to the bottom makes all the trash fall out onto the ground.” How can I clean this with a minimum of actually touching this mess?

How To Clean Out Your Gutters And Why You Should

Gutters collect leaves and twigs. These leaves, twigs, and ahem, saplings prevent the the flow of water. When the water doesn’t flow down the spout, it can pool which will rot wooden gutters, rust metal ones, or eventually cause the gutters to pull from the roof.

How To Pressure Wash Your Siding

My husband has finally agreed to have our house and granny annex professionally pressure-washed. There’s quite a bit of pale green mildew on the vinyl siding. Is good ole’ bleach and water the best cleaning solution? Should soap be added? If so, what kind (dish? dishwasher? laundry? hand?) Any other tips with regard to pressure washing?

How To Wipe Out Ants

I have ants milling around my cats’ water bowl. We can’t figure out where they are coming from, but a few more appear each day. I’m looking for a safe way (we have two cats and an adventurous dog) to get rid of the ants before they migrate throughout the house.

Pet Friendly Weed Control

Is there such a thing as a weed killer that will not affect my dogs? In addition to the two greyhounds that live in the house, I have multiple neighbors who think the leash law does not apply to them, plus several feral cats that like to hang in my window boxes to torture said greyhounds. I can keep my dogs off the lawn for a couple days, but what about the other guys?

Removing Sticky Soda Residue in a Car

I have two cupholders in the front seat of my SUV. They are odd shaped, bigger than most normal sized cups, but too small to hold something the size of a Big Gulp for example. So when I buy a frappucino or a medium soda the cup will bounce around a little and often leaks.

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  1. Love the list; can I suggest one more step? Every Saturday morning, before I start the week’s wiping and scrubbing and sorting, I walk around the garden, picking flowers and greenery. A vase or two of fresh flowers makes you smile and makes your home sparkle – whether you’ve wiped out the refrigerator or not.


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