Fast and easy grocery lists

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Dear Home Ec 101,

We’re all on the computer boxes with intertubes and webs and videos of
cats playing piano, so why am I still writing shopping lists with a
pen on the backs of bill envelopes?  There must be some really great
program out there that will allow me to add items, tell it where in
the store each item is located and then it spits me back a sorted list
based on the aisle that I can email to my phone.  Or, if one prefers
the pre-techno-socio-star-trek-io era, it could be printed out

Any ideas?

Grocery Guy 

Heather says:

Well, you certainly piqued my curiosity.  I began to practice a little Google magic and I was overwhelmed with the choices.   Personally, I create my menu in Excel and sort as I plan the menu.  I do resort to an old fashioned pencil when I do my quick pantry check before I walk out the door.

Grocery List Maker – This handy site offers a presorted list, check the items, and fill in unlisted preferances or notes.  When you’re done, print it off.

PDA users may like Handy Shopper, it’s written for Palm OS based devices.  Not only does it sort your items by aisle, but it can keep track of prices, too.  I have not personally used this system, but I know some who swear by it.  Those that use it do admit to it being tedious on set up, but efficient later.

LifeHacker shares a script that lets you send information from your Windows clipboard to your cell.

Now, I don’t carry a cell so I couldn’t test this theory, but it seems as though you can use the grocery list maker to organize your list by aisle, copy it into Notepad, and then use the Lifehacker script to send it to your phone.

Don’t you love technology?

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8 thoughts on “Fast and easy grocery lists”

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  2. Do people tell you often enough how much both Ivy & Heather ROCK? I love this site. Are you ready for more stupid questions or are you still backed up? Can you take anything for being backed up? haha.

  3. Thanks for the other suggestions. The choices out there are mind boggling.
    Thanks Kath! Ivy and I can surely rock out some more stupid questions.

  4. The missed jewel in your post:
    GrocerySurf ( )

    This website gives not only the shopping list but also the reminder on what’s running low. What I like the most is that it also makes the shopping list from my recipes by clicking on the ingredients.

    Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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