Fearless Friday 10/23

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Heather says:

I feel like a schmuck. I host Fearless Friday and here I am with no entry. There is a bug circulating my house and a big event this weekend, I’ve been bailing on evening activities and crawling into bed as soon as possible, trying to fight it. I think it’s working.

Fearless Fridays are a weekly carnival where I ask participants to have shown some form of kitchen bravery. The point of the exercise isn’t an expectation of a culinary masterpiece, it’s simply a challenge to step outside their usual boundaries. For new cooks it may be recreating a Hamburger Helper style meal without the seasoning packet. For experienced cooks, it may be a new ingredient or technique. The only rule is I ask participants to share both the good and the bad. Not every meal is a success and it’s encouraging to read of other people’s failures. Sometimes though, a mistake in the kitchen is nothing but serendipity in the making.

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5 thoughts on “Fearless Friday 10/23”

  1. Feel better soon. I wasn't aware of this particular carnival. We just started a new chili series and I'll have to enter it next week. (We're making it tonight or I'd enter it today!)

    Have a great day! (And really, feel better!)

  2. Just take care of yourself and stop feeling guilty–this is supposed to be fun. If you can't do it, you can't do it. I hope your big event goes well and that you all feel better soon.

    I had fearless Thursday. I made pumpkin pie from scratch (well, I used condensed milk, but everything else was a basic ingredient) for the first time yesterday. I cooked a whole pumpkin, got all the mushy stuff out and made a pie. I also made pumpkin soup, toasted pumpkin seeds (which I haven't had since I was a kid) and a new crockpot chicken dish called "Applesauce Chicken." Of all three though, the pumpkin pie was the best. The seeds, well I burned those. The chicken dish wasn't bad, but maybe too sweet for me. The soup was okay. I think I could have used a better recipe. But the pie…well, I wish I'd made two! My son had never had it before so when I kept saying we're going to have "pie" he kept pointing to things, like chopped onions, and saying "Pie?" Later, he was very excited about the actual pie.


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