Freeze Your Jeans?

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Heather says:

I don’t quite know where to begin with this.

I suppose I must say I find it ridiculous, mostly because when I wear jeans, they get dirty.

Maybe, maybe if I had a super fancy, only wear-out-to-events pair of jeans, I would consider the jeans freezing trick an option. However, I’m not that fancy yet. If I reach that point, you’ll be the first to know.

Update: I guess they got enough flack about freezing jeans instead of washing them that they decided they didn’t like the responses.

via How to Freeze Your Jeans & “Clean” Them Apartment Therapy Videos | Apartment Therapy New York. Video link on Vimeo:¬†How to Freeze Your Jeans

freeze your jeans

Tell me, are you that fancy? Do you have jeans you could get away with just freezing?

Hear what the CEO of Levi’s thinks about washing jeans, and read what I think about his remarks.

Want to learn more about washing clothes? There is lots of information on the Wash It page.

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5 thoughts on “Freeze Your Jeans?”

  1. That seems really stupid to me, because when I wash clothes, it's not about removing bacteria. I wash clothes to remove odor, dirt, food, baby spit up, potty training toddler urine, and other actual physical messiness.

  2. Luckily I buy cheap enough jeans that I don't have to worry about washing the "coolness" out of them!

    Seriously, does freezing kill bacteria at all? I thought it only slowed down bacterial growth. I wouldn't try this anyway, since they still wouldn't actually be clean afterward (it's dirt I'd be concerned about, not bacteria, and I'd imagine they'd still still have wrinkles/creases from sitting and such) but I'm curious as to whether freezer temperatures really kill bacteria.

    My recent post Yay patchwork!

  3. Personally, I don't see how it would kill bacteria. There are some that cannot survive at certain temperatures, but, think about it! If freezing killed bacteria, then we wouldn't have to worry about letting our meat thaw out and then refreezing it! The problem with that is the bacteria grow at the room temperature (if thawing on the counter) and then when you put the raw meat back in the freezer it has double or triple or more the amount of bacteria, thereby increasing the health risk to your family when you do thaw it again (and the bacterium multiply) and then your family ingests it! Now, if you really want to kill the bacteria on your jeans…..burn them! hahahahahah. It depends on the temp, of course, but high enough heat will kill all microbes! Now there's a plan!

  4. I'm like silver…my clothes get actual dirt on them and the freezer isn't going to remove that half a banana that the baby mashed onto my clothes. Honestly, if I had a pair of jeans too fancy to be washed, I'd also consider them too fancy to wear, at least in this stage of my life. Maybe some day when I'm done with babies, I too will have to worry about washing the coolness out of my clothes. But probably not, because I just can't see myself ever being that kind of cool.


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