Frozen assets

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Dear Home Ec 101:

A friend of mine recently recommended investing in a deep freeze. We have the room, I just can’t see how spending extra money on an appliance (and the electricity!) can save money.

~Not Frigid Yet

Heather says:

Mary, is that you?

I whole heartedly agree with your friend. A deep freeze can be a tremendous asset. Having the space to stock up on meat either when it’s deeply discounted or by buying in bulk can really slash your grocery budget. In addition to the savings on meat, buying and preserving produce when it’s in season not only saves money, but reduces energy consumption. It takes much less energy to store an item grown locally and preserved at the peak of season than to transport it halfway across the globe. In addition, you help your local economy when you support local farmers. Or if you have a green thumb, reap what you sow.

When considering a new purchase, remember to divide the initial cost over the expected life of the appliance to determine your monthly operating cost. This is an example of the energy guides available with most new appliances. You can find the estimated energy consumption of the models you are considering. If you find a second hand freezer (Craigslist and Freecycle!) an online search may help you determine your expected annual cost.

Happy freezing!

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1 thought on “Frozen assets”

  1. I have a deep freeze that I inherited from my parents and it has been a GODSEND!!!!!!!! Once a month, I go to Sam’s Club and stock up on steaks, chops, and hamburger (which I divide into about 1 lb. packs.) I also make huge pots of both chili and spaghetti sauce which I then freeze. (Everyone knows that chili and sauce taste better after they’ve either sat in the fridge or the freezer for at LEAST 3 days.) I take the leftover sauce that I freeze and I can either make Ziti or spaghetti w/it. I also have a 22 month old and you KNOW how they go through milk. I bulk buy my milk and freeze it (a trick my mother taught me.) Between my daughter and my hubby (big milk fan), they go through a gallon every 3 days. If your family goes through milk that quickly, and you opt to freeze, you’ll never have to worry about it going bad…because you drink it too fast! Anyway, deep freeze=happy Mommy!!!!!

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