Heather’s Household Truths: Ivy Edition

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Ivy says:

Black cats truly are unlucky, or else they’re just master destroyers. In the space of 5 minutes, it is entirely possible for one Baby-cat to take down your tablecloth and all your breakfast dishes, then head over to your curtains and take them down as well. Be forewarned.

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8 thoughts on “Heather’s Household Truths: Ivy Edition”

  1. It is not the color… mine love TP and will shred it, did I mention she is declawed. We also HAD mini blinds that she thought she could use as a ladder. We have gone to curtains or nothing at all:)

  2. I second what Angela said. My declawed black cat still manages to convert toilet paper to confetti.

    Oh, yeah… you can forget trying to have any plants or baskets or pretties of any sort on a window sill. He’ll knock ’em off every time so that His Majesty can take a nap with a view!

  3. We’ll never have pets again. After years of cat ownership, we’re grateful not to clean up hair and poop. More time with the kids.

  4. Hey! You forgot the pics!

    LOL But yes, it is amazing the havoc they can wreck. I just remind myself I’d miss them if they were gone, so I really ought to keep them, every time I’m cleaning up after them.

    Tara, Mom of 3 felines & 1 human 😉

  5. Last month, I adopted a 7-year old female black cat from our local shelter, after having had a black male cat for almost 18 years. Both were pretty mellow as cats go, but this one is very nearly an angel (her name is Angelina, oddly enough): she scratches on her scratching post instead of the furniture and uses the litter box exclusively (and doesn’t even throw out litter). If not for her habit of trying to run out the door every time it is opened and lying on the stairs and refusing to move, I would almost think she was some kind of alien life form. ;o)

    It’s not the color, certainly, but it very well may be the gender. Interestingly, the shelter told me they have trouble placing black cats. I have heard that shelters place a moratorium on adopting out black cats around Halloween to prevent sacrifices an abuse…but I didn’t know they had a stigma. I am a black-cat only person myself because black cats’ dander is different from other cats, and I’m not allergic to them (marmalade cats, which I adore, just about kill me).


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