Home-Ec 101 Weekly Menu Plan #18

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Heather says:

Here is the 18th free menu and easily edited shopping list for Home-Ec 101 readers. The printable shopping list is under this link. You’ll want to add a box of spaghetti noodles, to the list, you can do that with just a couple clicks thanks to SayMmm.com. Keep in mind that the order below is just a suggestion, you can move meals around to fit your schedule. I typically put meals with the longest hands-on work on the weekends just to keep weeknights a little simpler.

Feel free to ask any questions or share what’s on your menu in the comments below.

Dilled Salmon

*Clean Out Refrigerator Night

So Home-Ec Readers, what’s on your plate this week?

Submitted to OrgJunkie’s Menu Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Home-Ec 101 Weekly Menu Plan #18”

  1. Tonight: turning 5 pounds of ground beef into something to pressure can. It may be spaghetti sauce or no-beans chili. The meat has not made up its mind yet. (Last week I canned about 40 pounds of boneless chicken – my first time canning chicken, and also the first time in the history of ever that I’ve had EVERY JAR SEAL during a canning session.)

    In other news, I’ve bought the ingredients for ratatouille, something I love to pronounce, but have never actually prepared. Or eaten. That changes this week.

    Farmers market time is just about over, so I’m just enjoying whatever veggies I can get at good prices while it lasts, hence, the ratatouille. A mixture of green and red Kale is cooking right now, and that will be my Very Late Lunch. Last night I had my first taste of RED swiss chard – and it was SO good – along with leftover Hamburger & Potato Hash. I’ll also be having massive amounts of zuchinni and onions. Meat is merely an afterthought if I have fresh veggies around. I’ll probably just cook a frozen hamburger patty so I have some protein with these meals.

      • @HeatherSolos It decided to become four quarts of chili. Since my canner holds up to 7 jars at once, I was efficient and canned 2 pints of beef cubes at the same time. The timer just went off, so now it’s cooling down.

        (I do freeze meats as well, but canned food doesn’t spoil when the electric goes out or the freezer just decides to die. And home-canning means I can do it without Bonus Mystery Ingredients that the store-bought meat products invariably have.)

  2. I am looking for an all purpose meat sauce that was in my Home Economics recipe book in Jr. High. It was used for spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and I believe chilli. I hope someone can help me it is driving me crazy


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