Honey Garlic Sriracha BBQ Sauce – Great for Ribs, Riblets, and Chicken

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Heather says:

The butcher shop I love had a special on riblets and leg quarters this week. If you’ve never worked with riblets before, they are the trimmed ends of back or spare ribs. As they aren’t the world’s most attractive cut, they are often significantly cheaper than back or spare ribs. As I didn’t have enough room in the freezer for everything I cooked the riblets in three different sauces and let the minions act as guinea pigs for the sauces.

I’ve been wanting to create a sriracha based sauce for weeks, but with half of the kids not liking spicy foods, I had to wait until the right time. If you haven’t seen the Sriracha Documentary, I highly recommend at least putting it on in the background. It’s a neat look into the hot sauce’s phenomenal rise in popularity and the creator’s attempts to keep up. I love to add a few dashes to pho.

This garlicky, sweet and spicy sriracha bbq sauce will work well for ribs, riblets, and chicken. If you are cooking more than a pound or two of meat, double the sauce recipe, you’ll want to have plenty of sauce for the final baste.

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]There are many ways to cook ribs and riblets. Since I prefer to go low and slow and to keep things simple, I do this indoors. If I have time and energy, I’ll finish the ribs on the grill to caramelize the sugars. If the weather isn’t cooperating, I’ll get nearly the same effect under the broiler.

Preheat the oven to 250°F, and while the oven is heating lay a large sheet of aluminum foil over a baking sheet, arrange the ribs (riblets) in a single layer on the foil and baste with half of the honey sriracha bbq sauce. Lay another sheet of foil over the ribs and pinch and fold the layers of foil to create a tight seal. Cook for at least two and a half hours or until the ribs or riblets are nearly falling apart.

Baste with the other half of the bbq sauce and grill or broil until the sauce caramelizes to your desired level.

This garlicky, sweet and spicy Honey Garlic Sriracha BBQ Sauce will work well for ribs, riblets, and chicken.

This sauce would also work well with chicken wings on the grill or in the oven. If you’re looking to use whole chickens, follow the instructions in this post, subbing the sauce for the rub.

Serve with lots of napkins.

This garlicky, sweet and spicy Honey Garlic Sriracha BBQ Sauce will work well for ribs, riblets, and chicken.

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