How to Dice a Bell Pepper, a step-by-step photo tutorial

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Heather says:

Here we go with another knife skills tutorial, this time it’s how to dice a bell pepper. Grab your favorite chef or utility knife, a bell pepper, and a clean cutting board.

Bell pepper and six inch chef knifeCut the top or hat off of the bell pepper. Aim for just below where the top curves into the sides to ensure you retain most of the pepper. You get a bonus point* if you note what I forgot to do in this pic.
Bell Pepper TopNow, look at the pepper, see those holes, not the bad spot, the holes around the core? They make the next step super easy.

Reach in and yank out the core with a twist.Usually there a little bit of white is left on the ribs, either cut or pinch it out. It only takes a second.
Cut the bell pepper in half, top to bottom.Flatten one half and cut into even strips. Don’t forget to keep the fingers of your guiding hand curled under. 

Turn the strips 90 degrees and cross cut again in even slices to form a nice dice.I forgot to take a pic of the the diced pepper as it went straight into the recipe I’ll be posting this afternoon. Oops. Also yay for random pop culture references1.


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1Another bonus point if you comment with the source.

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5 thoughts on “How to Dice a Bell Pepper, a step-by-step photo tutorial”

  1. Thanks for your post! I always but green bell pepper on any dish. For me it makes the dish really yummy. This is very helpful to me since i can make the bell pepper not taste bitter with the tip you've given above. Thanks! Hope my dish would be more yummier!! 🙂

  2. I think you forgot to take off your ring in that first photo, since you're not wearing it in any other photos. Other than that, I don't get the pop culture reference… Maybe I'm too young? 😉

  3. I do this a bit differently. I use a utility knife and insert the point next to the stem-top, pointing in at an angle toward the outer wall of the pepper, then cut in a circle around the stem-top. Then, I make one cut longitudinally around the pepper from one side of the circle, down the wall to the point of the pepper, and up the other wall to the other side of the circle. You can then pull the two halves apart and easily pull out the intact core, with the stem and all the seeds still attached! I find that this also preserves the flesh in the little bumps at the top of the pepper around the stem.


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