Home-Ec 101 site has been kicking it—see reaching back for some retro language— since 2007, so there is a lot to dig through. You might enjoy perusing the ABCs of Home-Ec 101, which is a fun, silly look at what we’ve learned over the last 14 years.

I say we because there’s a great group of people who lurk about and comment occasionally. They’ve watched this site grow from the very beginning, and they are very much appreciated. The internet has changed a lot in that time. People don’t comment like they used to. That’s OK. Social shares are extremely appreciated. If you find something you like, tell a friend. It’s almost as good as tipping your server.

Finally, there are over 120 articles on laundry. If you can find more ways to stain your clothes and need help, send your questions to I actually do read and respond to emails that at least try to be polite. Your questions don’t have to be laundry-centric, you can ask about cooking, cleaning, organizing, or even basic home repair. If it’s too far out of my comfort zone, I might have to call in an expert on the last category.

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