Last-Minute Bean and Corn Salad Recipe

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Bobbie says:

Have you ever been almost, but not quite, ready to serve dinner when a giant light bulb goes on over your head (so brightly that everyone in the room gets an instant tan) because you suddenly realized that all you actually have prepared for dinner is grilled chicken and potatoes? Or burgers on buns? Or…whatever and NOTHING ELSE? If you’ve never forgotten to plan (and actually prepare) side dishes, you are officially Better Than Me. If you have, then Last-Minute Bean and Corn Salad is a side dish you should keep up your sleeve. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

Four salad ingredients get tossed in a bowl with four quick dressing elements, et voila! You’ve got mail salad.  And if you’re the one who never forgets anything — Hi there! I’ve always wondered if you really existed or if you were just an urban legend. Don’t you forget to try this salad, too, because it’s even better if you plan ahead and have the exact ingredients you want and don’t have to wing it with what’s on hand.

total brag photo - I took this picture and loved it and just wanted to show it off

Last Minute Bean and Corn Salad is a very flexible recipe. If you don’t have black beans, use pintos, chickpeas, kidney beans, or whatever you have on hand. Use any color bell pepper you wish – I’ve often used a combination of red and green.  The flexibility also goes for the onion – use your preference or what you have on hand. While I used scallions for the photos, I’ve also prepared Bean and Corn Salad with chopped onion – either red or a sweet onion would be good choices. (I’ve even used celery when I was out of peppers. Also, the onions can just totally be left out if you don’t have any, and it’s still very good. And one less item to prep if you’re crunched for time!)

My sister recently told me that Bean and Corn salad is also great served with chips, as you would use a salsa. She was right. If you are intending to use it as a salsa, you’ll want to finely chop the peppers and onions and use black beans or another variety on the smallish side.


Last-Minute Bean and Corn Salad Recipe

  • 15 oz can black beans (or your choice)
  • 12 oz can whole corn
  • 1 bell pepper (any color, or combination)
  • 3 scallions or 1 medium onion, either red or a sweet variety
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice (lemon can be used, but I prefer lime)
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 ½ teaspoons soy sauce


Open the can of beans and dump it into a colander. Rinse the beans thoroughly then drain well. Dump those into your serving bowl. Open and drain the corn and add it to the bowl.

Clean the pepper and coarsely chop it into about ¼ inch pieces.

Slice the scallions, including the green tops. If using red or sweet onions, chop into pices about ¼ inch in size.

Sprinkle the cumin over all, then measure the lime juice, oil and soy sauce right into the serving bowl.

Using a large serving spoon, gently mix to coat the salad lightly with the dressing.

That’s it!  If you do what I have done in occasional moments of ” Determined To Be Organized and Prepared” and actually had containers of chopped onions and peppers in the fridge this could be an almost-instant salad.

Refrigerate leftovers immediately and use within 2 days.



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5 thoughts on “Last-Minute Bean and Corn Salad Recipe”

  1. Yum! I prefer lime, too. I’m intrigued by the soy sauce. Does it just add a bit of saltiness? I’ve pinned it to give it a whirl.

  2. @Annie~SavorThisMoment Yes, the soy sauce adds a touch of saltiness, but also a depth of flavor that you wouldn’t get if you just used salt. It’s a small amount, so I can’t even tell there’s soy sauce in the salad, but I can tell a difference if I leave it out and use salt instead. Hope you like it!

  3. @Bobbie Laughman I know why!

    There’s a fifth taste described as umami, it’s a savory flavor that’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s associated with beef and mushrooms. Soy sauce also has this intense, savory flavor.

    If you want to get technical this flavor is triggered by glutamates, yes just like MSG. However there is a world of difference between adding a little soy sauce to create the umami flavor in food you make at home and corporations adding lots of MSG rather than using or creating quality ingredients.


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