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We may live in three homes and have three very different lives, but we’re family by choice.

Each week we will be updating this post with our weekly menu plans.

You can learn a little more about our lives below the weekly plans by clicking the Continue Reading button just below the three menus. Remember, these are plans, and plans change. Sometimes life alters those plans. Would you like a printable to help with your menu planning?

Weekly Menu for Heather, Lisa, and Amanda:

Heather’s Menu

It’s the last week of summer vacation. We’re preparing to head back to school. This means it is time for us to get back on our schedules and work on getting back into a solid routine.

Angel Hair pasta with grape tomatoes and basil. Caesar salad with homemade croutons.

Pork tenderloin with onion, carrots and okra on the side

Enchilada casserole. street corn

Smash burgers – can I just say how nice it is to have a meal like this that my spouse loves to make?

Sandwich night – could be deli meat, could be tuna. For me, it just might be sliced tomato on toasted sourdough with a little cream cheese. (Yes, I know this isn’t a classic tomato sandwich, I wasn’t claiming it as such). We’ll see where the night takes us

Lisa’s Menu

It’s a slow yet busy week at home. Things like getting the house in order are a priority after the chaos of moving the kid to law school and catching up on laundry from my broken washing machine a few weeks ago.

I have a lot of time out of the house due to caregiving responsibilities, so this week is quick meals I can cook or repurpose for lunch later in the week.

  1. Roast chicken with potatoes and fresh green beans
  2. Roast chicken gyros with Greek salad
  3. Salmon with rice and broccoli
  4. Deconstructed avocado toast with grilled veggies
  5. Brinner – pancakes, eggs, bacon, and a fruit salad

Amanda’s Menu

Change is change, whether it’s work or home and that can be stressful. We’ve got this, and we are getting back into a routine.

We have been trying Hello Fresh to try to reduce some of my mental workload and reduce as much stress as possible. I’ll report on how much we like (or don’t) the meals we try and how they go over with the teens.

  1. Spiced apricot chicken with rice and roasted carrots
  2. Spicy meatballs with roasted green beans, and jasmine rice
  3. Honey ponzu chicken with ginger lime rice and roasted broccoli
  4. Italian chicken and pepper hoagies, home fries and corn on the cob
  5. Beef falutas supreme with lime crema and black beans

What do our households look like?

Heather is married with six children, two are preschoolers, and four are teenagers. Three of the teenagers are there full-time, one is there mainly on weekends during school, but much more whenever school is not in session. Family nights out are generally cost-prohibitive and saved for special occasions. We are working hard to eliminate takeout, a habit that developed when Heather’s depression flared badly for most of ’21.

Lisa is married with a child starting law school in the fall of ’22. She is also a medical caregiver for a family member.

Amanda is a single parent. She has two children, one in college.

What are our current menu plan challenges?

  • Multiple schedules
  • Business travel
  • Neurodivergencies
  • Empty nest
  • Large family
  • Changing tastes due to medication
  • Burnout
  • Food intolerances
  • Depression/anxiety

All these things affect not only what we choose to cook but whether or not we have the energy or wherewithal (executive function) to make what we choose. We are no longer young adults but remember those years well. Home-Ec 101 was started, in part, by that overwhelming 4:00 pm dread of not knowing what to make that was a result of not having learned the life skills as kids.

We’re here to help.

We’ve got an entire series on menu planning. A free printable to plan your menu and shopping list and plenty of beginner to intermediate-friendly recipes to get you going. Also, Heather is fantastic at Iron Chef, Pantry Clean-Out Edition.

As promised, here’s your menu planning printable. We hope it makes your planning and grocery shopping a little bit easier.

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  1. You rock. Looking at your menu, I see how many sides that you offer. With 3 hungry adults and 4 kids, it is difficult to get leftovers. So I will try planning at least one additional side to go along with the regular meal and see if I can make it to leftovers! It will save money in the long run, because DH takes the leftovers to work for lunch, much better then him buying lunch every day.
    Oh and make that 20 for Easter!

  2. Oh and moochers, there is always room at the table, but if you all show up at once, you have to bring your own chairs and you will be doing the dishes.

  3. Hey there.. I’m finding my way around well.. thanks for leaving a light on for me..

    What would we do without funeral potatoes? *smile* ~Heidi

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