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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

Ever go on a blog and see a comment made by something like “Kitchen Cabinet Refacing” or “South Nashville Dentist”? It’s kind of off-putting, isn’t it? Yeah, it is to us too. Especially since the comments invariably seem to be something like “Very informative post.” Thanks for adding to the conversation, dude.

So, from now on, in order to comment here, you’ll need to have some kind of pseudonym or name in order to comment here. For example- “badbadivy” would be OK. “Ivy Hogan” would also be OK. Even if it’s something like “Ivy at Murfreesboro TN Auto Repair” (shameless, I know, haha), that’s OK too.

But if you have some obvious SEO keywords only, we’re going to kick you out as spam. If you have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation, we’re definitely kicking you out as spam. Want a good example of who does things right? Look around for comments here from “Diaper Cake Becca”. Her comments show she’s clearly read the post and she has something to add. Of course, she’s a reg here and I don’t know that it’s ALL about SEO for her (I think she likes us, shhh, don’t tell anyone) but every little bit helps.

So in short, we welcome your comments, but not if they’re icky-spammy. Thanks for your kind attention.

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22 thoughts on “New Comment Rule”

  1. Well, darn, I was going to start leaving comments as “Oprah’s Favorite Baby Gift”…..guess that is out the window. Hmmmm…..back to the drawing board

    I love Home-Ec101. It is a part of my normal day’s ritual. Its kind of like being home for just a few moments of my day (home being the South where I was born and raised).

    Y’all rock…..thank you for allowing me to identify myself with my company! My company has a lot to do with who I am and I appreciate the link but would still come here if you told me to stop it already!

  2. Good for you girls. I am the same way on my blog. Granted, I get like two comments a week, but they are real people who love me and read what I write, not machines wanted to generate links to their own businesses.

  3. Up until 2 weeks ago, I would’ve had no idea what SEO meant, but now that I’ve done one official paid writing job (go me) I had to learn what that meant so I could do it.

    If you ever think I’m getting spammy, feel free to whop me upside the head. I can take it.

  4. This is your place, so by all means exercise your prerogative to delete comments whenever you want. Better to have just a few comments and an insightful discussion than to have forty comments that are a waste of pixels.

    And my personal favorite type of useless comment is “Great post! I wrote about something similar at [insert spam link here]!! Eesh.

    Casual Kitchen

  5. I got a spam comment where the person wrote — “You thief, you stole this article from spam link.” I had to laugh – I was describing my rental unit and all about the furniture and amenities that were included in the rental. I don’t think they had an identical unit in Russia. Sigh.

  6. I used a keyword and was informed about the comment so thanks for letting me know and apologizes for not knowing about comment’s policy. Btw “Diaper Cakes Becca” don’t looks like a name but simply an anchor text to be used but for sure her comments are worth it but still why don’t you stop her using the keywords :p
    No offense please just my 2 cents 😀

  7. But if you have some obvious SEO keywords only, we’re going to kick you out as spam. If you have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation, we’re definitely kicking you out as spam.
    Thanks anyway…

  8. He probably just thought they were lame examples of jokes I gave but he should know jokes don’t always translate well to the page. ,

  9. It is clear from the responses to my original post that many people share this confidence, probably because we have all read similar popular science books about artificial intelligence, large networks, and so on. ,

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I read your comment on my blog and responded to it. If you're interested in reading it I linked it to my name. This seemed to be the most appropriate place to comment since it was about "comment policy" and "keywords in name fields".

    I'm not sure why but suddenly I feel like I should do those dishes that are piling up in the kitchen… thanks. 🙂

  11. My first post here so please be gentle!

    I thought I'd better check out the comment policy first of all and I totally agree that spam comments are a nightmare and offer little.

    I, like so many others, don't try to hide the fact that comment links to my sites are important but I think consideration must be given for site owners and other blog commenters and this can be done by offering good 'on topic' comments that add to the discussion rather than put people off.

    So if I could steal a line from 'ThatBobbieGirl' above –

    'If you ever think I'm getting spammy, feel free to whop me upside the head. I can take it.'

    Now…what's your site about again?

    Just kidding!

  12. My suggestion for Barkeepers Friend is that the can needs the holes on one side of the can so that it doesn't have waste on the top, that seems never to be used. sort of like the containers that salt comes in. I have been using Bar Keepers Friend for more than fifteen years and that is the only wish that that I have ever had!


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