How To Get Rid Of Odors In Material: Home-Ec 101 Guide

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Whether the smell is good or bad, material can just soak up odors, and hold on to them for a long time. If it smells good – no problem. If it stinks, we might have to give up that shirt that we’ve loved for a long time; or only wear it when we have a cold and aren’t leaving the house. Maybe one of the following articles can help you with the problem of odors in material and save your shirt; just click on the title of the article that you want to read more of.

get rid of odors in material

Another Case of Musty Odors

After the clothes are confined there for a few weeks, they develop a strong odor that spreads to other clothes which would otherwise not get smelly. We’ve had to resort to banning that one drawer and going through the closets looking for cotton undershirts to re-wash…

Attack of the stinky fish shirt

I recently bought a linen-type shirt. I think it is linen. Anyway, it has this scent that smells like fish. I really like this shirt, but my students tell me I stink, and I’d like to keep the shirt.

Don’t Just Cover Up Musty Odors

My problem is that I keep towels that we have used in a closet until I do laundry at the end of the week, and I wanted to know if there is anything I could put inside the closet to keep down the musky smell until laundry day?

Fresh Smelling Towels

I’ve noticed our towels never smell “fresh”, even when they are straight from the dryer. It isn’t the typical musty or moldy smell you might get when leaving them in the washer too long and not truly stinky but just not nice. How can I make my towels smell better without resorting to “perfumey” detergents or dryer sheets?

Funky swimsuit. And by funky, I do NOT mean James Brown funky.

I found my swimsuit wrapped in a towel in a backpack. The good news is, the backpack’s fine, but the swimsuit smells horribly funky.

Getting Rid of Mildew Odor in Towels

I’m not always great about making sure my towels get dried the same day they are washed. This leads to them smelling like mildew. Will the smell go away? Can I do anything to make it go away?

Help! The Laundry Smells Like Rotten Eggs

I followed all of the advice in your how to deal with stubborn body odor in laundry article and my clothes still stink. There’s sort of a rotten egg odor and nothing I do gets rid of it.

How to Deal With Stubborn Body Odor in Laundry

I have noticed my tops are not smelling very fresh anymore when I perspire.  I usually wash them in cold or warm water with liquid detergent then I hang them to dry.

How To Get Rid of Sweat Stains in Clothes

I’m sick and tired of replacing work shirts every year when the only thing wrong with them is they’ve gone a bit wiffy from being in contact with smelly armpits too often.

How To Get Rid Of That Chemical Smell On New Clothes

Could you please tell me what that awful chemical smell is on some new jeans? How I can get rid of it?

How to Remove Mildew and Musty Odor from Towels

My towels all smell funky. Is it my teenage son? There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower to be greeted with a musty, mildewed, smelly towel.

How to Remove Musty Odor from Jeans

For a few weeks, I’ve occasionally noticed a musty smell. At first, I thought it was something in my house, but I couldn’t ever pin it down. I finally realized it was my favorite pair of jeans!

Mildewed misery

I forgot about a load of wash in the washing machine. Of course, it’s almost the entire wardrobe for both my children, and the entire load *reeks* of mildew.

No, I never have smelled mothballs

Recently I bought a nice tote bag at an airport shop while traveling. As soon as I got it onto the plane, I realized it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeks of mothballs.

Sour Smelling Towels

information about washing things
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Why do towels and washcloths smell sour and how do I get rid of that funky odor? 

What Causes Smelly Sheets?

I have smelly sheets! I wash them and I promise I don’t use too much laundry detergent. Then I dry them and then store them. For some reason as soon as I get the sheets out to put on the bed they smell weird, a little musty. 

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