Organizational Challenge 26: Hidden Bathroom Spaces

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Have you been with us since January? If so, it’s official, you have completed six months of weekly organizational challenges. That work is adding up. Give yourself some time to appreciate it.

Today we are back in the bathroom. Last week we tackled the visual clutter on top of the vanity. This week we’re going a little deeper and handling the hidden clutter. Every bathroom is a little different. Some have cupboards. Some have drawers. Others have little closets tucked away in hidden corners.

We all know what happens in these spaces, band-aid release liners (yes, I had to look up what those are called), bobby, pins, hair ties, old nail polish, stray cotton balls, that bottle of acetone with just one cotton ball’s worth left chucked off in a corner. Why? I don’t know. It just happens. Slowly. Again and again.

Your mission? Fix it. Trash the trash, donate the personal care items you aren’t going to use, and put the other stuff away neatly.

You may want to vacuum out each space before putting everything back. There always seems to be stray hair, too.

This challenge doesn’t give a big visual win, but I find it to be a nice mental one.

Doesn’t that feel better?

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