Organizational Sunday Challenge 10 Diving Into the Fridge

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Last week the pantry. This week the fridge. Go ahead and empty the trash before you start, as if your home is anything like ours,  you’ll need the room. 

I know I say you should clean the refrigerator each week, but do you do a thorough job? I don’t always. I generally grab the produce that’s definitely gone off and get rid of it. Everything else just becomes part of the landscape. There are condiments of indeterminate age and cheese. Well, we’re just not going to talk about it. 

Your mission today is to get rid of all expired food and any random condiments you won’t use. Make note of any food that is nearing its expiration. Remember that list from last week? Use it tomorrow when you plan your menu.

Treat this Monday’s Menu Planning as an Iron Chef Challenge. If you want to get started, here’s a printable.

When you clean out your fridge, you should do it one shelf at a time and close the door while you sort through the contents. 

Think about your refrigerator’s zones as you put your food away.

If you want to learn more about managing your refrigerator’s contents, check out: Minimize Food Waste by Thinking Like a Kitchen Manager

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