Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #21

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Heather says:

This week, we’re heading right back into the bathroom. This time, instead of focusing on the vanity, we’ll be focusing on hair and body products.

Are all of the open shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc. in active use? If you don’t like the one that you’ve opened, and it’s just hanging out in the bathroom waiting to develop that lovely pink scum, do something about it and get rid of it. If you can’t bear the thought of tossing out unused soap, put away the ones you like more and save them for the reward for finishing off the less favored.

If it bothers your skin or just doesn’t work for you, it’s okay to dispose of it. No one wants your opened bath products, and there’s no point hanging on to them. Let it go. 

If you are lucky enough to have multiple showers and tubs, do the kids’ guests’ bathroom today, too.

Not having to look at things that you know you should take care of every day can go a lot way toward reducing that feeling of overwhelm.

Have a great week; we’ll see you next Sunday! 

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