OrganizationalChallenge #25, Into the Bathroom We Go

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Quite literally. I hope that is something that happens nearly every day or that you and your gastroenterologist have had long, heartfelt conversations and are comfortable with where things are.

That said, we will be six months into the organizational challenge next week. How do you feel about your home?

When you enter your bathroom, take a long, hard look at the surface of your vanity. When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? Not recently? Fix that.
Empty tubes of toothpaste? Toss them.

Makeup? Take a good long look at each item and decide if it’s still sanitary. No? Toss it. Your eyes are worth it.

Find your grocery list and add the items you need to replace: dental floss, mouthwash, etc.

How about hand soap?

If you’re feeling like over-achieving, how are those hand towels looking?

Don’t worry. The other spaces are coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “OrganizationalChallenge #25, Into the Bathroom We Go”

  1. I just did this recently, Heather, and it helped so much! Thanks for this great challenge! I just found you while doing research for my e-course “21st Century Home Ec.” My angle on it is different from yours, but it’s cute we’ve picked a similar name. 🙂 I’m going to shoot you a quick email about it, because I’d love to get your input on something.


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