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This year we’re going to focus on getting our house in order. This concept applies to the literal and the figurative. Yes, we’re going to organize and find a place for everyone’s things, but we’re also going to work on creating and sticking to a family budget, we’re going to work hard to give back to our community, and we’re going to have fun along the way.

In this new series, Weekly Organizational Challenges, we will build on the Sunday chore concept of getting ready for the coming week.

Every Sunday, we’ll post a challenge for that day or week. Some of the challenges will be focused on physically organizing your home, and some will be less tangible, focusing on finances, schedules, and technology.

Organize In January

  1. Set Up for Success
  2. The Coat Closet
  3. The Entryway
  4. The Linen Closet
  5. The Clothes Closet

Organize In February

  1. Top Of The Dresser
  2. Dresser Drawers
  3. Laundry Round-Up
  4. The Pantry / Cupboards

Organize In March

  1. The Fridge
  2. Organize the Freezer
  3. Leftover Containers
  4. Clear Your Counters

Organize In April

  1. The Junk or Catch-all Drawer
  2. Outside of the Refrigerator
  3. Under the Kitchen Sink
  4. Spices

Organize In May

  1. Medicine Cabinet
  2. Financial Planning
  3. System for Paying Bills
  4. Menu Planning

Organize In June

  1. Daily Schedule
  2. Magazines and Books
  3. Checking for Budget Leaks
  4. Bathroom Vanity

Organize in July

  1. Bottles in the Bathroom
  2. Nightstands (with an extra tip for parents!)
  3. Under The Bed
  4. Inside The Car

Let’s make it a great year together as we organize our houses!

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