Quick Tips from Real Life Experience: Laundry Style

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Heather says:

I have a few tips for you and feel free to guess which ones I learned today and which I had done ahead of time.

tips for laundry room

  1. Keep your appliance manual and warranty information taped to the back of large appliances.
  2. Know which local appliance repair companies are certified and reputable before there is a problem.
  3. If you follow my advice about owning a limited amount of clothing to keep weekly washing to a minimum, know the location of a non-skeevy laundromat before things break. Sometimes there is a four day delay between the incident and actual service call.
guide to the laundry room
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It’s a known and proven fact that appliance and vehicle problems occur at the most inopportune times, such as the day before leaving on a trip. If you need me, I’ll be pouting at the laundromat.

Need more laundry tips? Check out this book: Laundry Hints & Tips by Cindy Harris

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5 thoughts on “Quick Tips from Real Life Experience: Laundry Style”

  1. 4. Keep all receipts for things that have warranties. File them by date if you can manage, but at least put them in one file. You probably won’t be able to return it, unless it became an obviou lemon rather quickly, but the receipt will help prove whether the warranty is still in effect.

    5. Take a permanent marker and write on the backside of the appliance the date you bought it. If you’ve filed receipts by date, this also makes it easier to lay your hands on it. Also, you can tell just how long that appliance lasted before needing repairs (or giving up the ghost!), which can be helpful in deciding what manufacturers to go with for future purchases.

    Sorry about your laundry woes. I feel your pain.

    • Thankfully the receipt was with the manual. It looks as though the motor is still under warranty but anything else won’t be. All I know is it sounded expensive. :X

  2. Its also good to know what items will hand wash easily. In my experience underwear is the first thing to disappear when you lack laundry facilities. We have a small drying rack that makes it easy to have clean underwear on hand, even if you skip doing laundry until every other item of clothing has been worn twice. Oh, and I have found that hand washing bras makes them last lots longer, though I admit most of the time i just throw them in the wash.

  3. Be sure to have a spare washer and dryer on hand when you a bring a new baby home. Just in case the dryer breaks on day two and then the washer on day four. At least then, the husband is scared to argue when you hormones are raging and your are crying hysterically that there is no possible way that you can take care of a four year old and a new born that spits up every time she eats without a washer and dryer. And, if you have to wash one more pair of underwear out in the sink, you are going to go into a deep postpartum depression that will make him wish he had never figured out how you make a baby… Not that I have ever been there or anything…

  4. When we first moved to this house we did not have a washer and dryer and I was nine months pregnant. I did not get a washer and dryer till baby was 3 months old. Once or twice a week I will haul all my laundry and three kids to the laundromat. My dryer went out about two months ago and I was fine for awhile hanging clothes outside… then rainy season started. For a month we would take weekly trips to the laundromat to dry our clothes… with four kids this time. Fun Times:)


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