A Rare Home-Ec 101 Product Review: The Red Oak Trunk Organizer

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Heather says:

I haven’t done many product reviews in the last couple of years. I don’t like to commit to something if I’m unsure of how I’ll feel about it, I also don’t like the sense of obligation or the worry that someone will disagree with my opinion. I’m making an exception for this trunk organizer.

Why? To sum it up succinctly, it’s great.

I’m probably stepping on some toes here, but you know that Avon-like party where everyone spends way too much money on bags that can be monogrammed? You do know what I mean, right? You bring a dish, usually with a bunch of people you barely know, you sit around listening to someone chat about explains how the business has changed her life, and then everyone buys the smallest thing they can, except that one lady I’m convinced is an audience plant. She’s at every one of these parties, “Oooh, I have that one. That one is my favorite, best thing ever!” How much disposable income does she have? And why am I a little jealous even though I don’t want to be there in the first place?

I looked at that price of that big organizer at the party and just started giggling helplessly. I still spent too much money on the guilt-driven-obligatory-purchase. I got a car organizer, no monogram, that I ended up tossing after just a few weeks, it was flimsy and flopped over in a pathetic way that just made me sad.

It had to go.

I only wish I had known about THIS tote during our organizational challenge a few months ago. Unfortunately, I just met the guys behind this product at a completely-unrelated-to-this-website-event in Austin. We got to talking, which turned to our businesses. One thing led to another, and I offered to give it a try.

*Here is where I mentioned that I received one trunk organizer, free-of-charge to review*

I’ll be buying another.

The organizer is rugged and durable; the seams won’t give out the first time you use it to carry actual things.

The sides stand up proudly, instead of wilting. The bottom isn’t a thin piece of cardboard. The material is not the flimsy. Many of the other organizers I’ve looked at have that thin material used for cheap, reusable grocery bags. I will be recommending this tote again next year when the annual organizational challenge circles back to cleaning out the car.

I took some photos so you could see it in action. That’s my oldest kid’s football helmet for scale. He’s got a big head; it’s an adult size helmet. (The red flag means he was too big to tackle and was ineligible to carry the ball.)

Helmet for Scale

Have multiple kids in multiple sports? Divide and conquer. No more playing the what is that rolling around back there game while chauffeuring.

Sports. Check.

And of course, you can’t forget the sunscreen and first aid kit. You’ll need the first aid kit. (Buy extra bandaids, and get the bigger ones, too. You’ll thank me later.) While you’re looking at the pic, pay attention to the stitching. Those handles are sticking around.

Strappy pouch for the win

Check out the handles again; you can take it from the trunk, the beach, and back.

Rugged Trunk Organizer

And while you’re at the beach or pool and it’s just in the way, it collapses down to half-size or flat. Neat.

It’s not cutesy, but they do have it in a candy pink if you need some feminity in your trunk. (That sounds like a bizarre euphemism, doesn’t it?)

Have you ever had a long day, done all of the grocery shopping (including a bottle of wine), pulled into the garage, only to have that bottle of wine roll out and shatter on the driveway? No? Just me then.

Rugged Trunk Organizers Keeps Bottles Upright

This tote will totally level up your make-as-few-trips-from-the-car-to-the-kitchen game. One trip, baby.

We’re getting ready to start some major renovations at the fixer-upper, and this trunk organizer will be perfect for toting the tools back and forth.

And? If you go with this option, no one is going to pressure you to host a party or pitch to your friends.

That’s winning.

You can find this trunk organizing tote on Amazon. Enjoy!

*Back to your regularly scheduled programming.*

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2 thoughts on “A Rare Home-Ec 101 Product Review: The Red Oak Trunk Organizer”

  1. This trunk organizer looks amazing and I think I’m going to get one. I have to confess though, when I read the title and started reading the post, I thought you bought an oak trunk that is red in color and is an organizer. I was thinking, “If she bought an oak trunk at one of these type parties? Was it like $5,000???” Once I got to the pictures I realized Red Oak is the name of the company. My mind was obviously in a way different place. 🙂

    • Ha! I probably should have used a slightly different title. Amazon has some funny rules about what you can and can’t say about pricing. The last time I pulled up the page it was less than $30 which I think is very reasonable.


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