Removing Kerosene Smell From Unwashable Items

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I do alterations and repairs on bridal wear and I recently returned some dresses that ended up absorbing the smell of kerosene. How would someone remove the smell of kerosene from un-washable clothing? Please Help!!! I can’t afford to pay for their dry cleaning!
Thank you!
Down and out in Indiana

how to remove kerosene odor

retrochick.JPGIvy says:

My grandmother sometimes used to make me go get kerosene for her, which made my car smell like kerosene for, like, forever. Finally, I asked her how she used to go get kerosene without her car smelling awful all the time. Her answer? Coffee grounds. She kept a can of coffee grounds in her car and changed it out every now and again. Apparently, coffee grounds absorb the smell easily.

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Guide to Household Odors
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So, I think that would work the same for your wedding dresses. Simply put them in a plastic bag with a cup of coffee grounds and seal the bag up and let it sit for a day or two. Easy peasy!

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4 thoughts on “Removing Kerosene Smell From Unwashable Items”

  1. I had a nasty cigarette smell in a car I purchased once. Being a former smoker, it bothered me a lot. I asked a detailer friend of mine what I could use to neutralize the odor, and he told me “Tea Bags”. WHAT???? Yep, just average, ordinary tea bags (family sized ones) tucked under the seat for about a week would eliminate the odor. I tried it and it worked! He also added that after the smell was gone, if I slipped dryer sheets under the seats the car would be fresh-smelling all year round. I could change them out as I wished. That worked too. This same trick has worked for me with shoes that smell of petroleum when purchased (cheap shoes shipped from overseas) and took the smell right out. Easy deodorization!

  2. Thank you! I hate that smell! And my husband spilled it in the floor of my living room, I poured coffee on it and it worked like magic! I can breathe! 😂


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