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Heather says:

Just before the kickoff to the annual Thanksgiving day series started I received a The Master set from  Kitchen Curry Master, a new product designed to take the intimidation out of learning to cook curry and other Indian foods.

I am a big fan of Indian cuisine, but this is not the case for the small* people around here.

This meant I waited and waited for the right time to give the recipes a real chance. Date night finally rolled around and instead of going out we made curry.

Shrimp and potato curries

And oh what a couple of curries we made. They turned out very well. I may be a bit biased, but it was significantly -to my undeveloped palate- better than what I’ve had at one of the local establishments. The other I enjoy very much and will happily submit myself to more trials for “research”

The directions were clear and unless you choose shrimp, like we did, most of the recipes are budget conscious.

The Master Set from Kitchen Master Curry, at first glance is not an insignificant investment ($59), but you’ll find if you compare the cost of the spices included to places like Penzey’s it’s definitely reasonable. The storage tin also makes an attractive gift.  I might just be a big old food nerd, but I think spices are gorgeous and hope one day to actually see a real spice market. (I may drool over those travel photos)

I want to point out something very important, if you are gluten sensitive, this book is labelled gluten-free. All of the spices included with the product are indeed gluten-free, but it is important to remember to choose gluten-free ingredients for the recipes. Obviously naan is not gluten-free -if you are unfamiliar with it, it’s a flat bread. Beer is also not gluten-free.

I can have all the wheaty goodness I want, but not everyone in my life is so lucky. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting what recipes will work and when to make appropriate substitutions. If you use the included cookbook, just remember to plan carefully if you are cooking for someone with a wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity.

I also want to let you know that there is a promo code for Home-Ec 101 readers, $11.50 off,  just use the code: ZBV56J1R92CB

I’ll be writing up a few curry recipes in the coming months -I find they make excellent cold weather recipes, but here are the two we tried and loved.

Shrimp Curry

Potato Curry 

If there is a foodie in your life, quality spices are not a bad way to go. (And if you’re really lucky, they just might invite you over for dinner as an excuse to use their gift)


*young is probably a more accurate descriptor

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