Site Admin and Retro Saturday 9/25/2010

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Heather says:

What could I possibly have to announce this week? Well the shirts will be in! (I’m nervous and excited and nervous) Watch the navigation bar for a new tab labelled Shop. I kept this order very small, as I’m a little bit of a chicken. If I run out of your size, just shoot an email to and I will get it restocked ASAP and send you an alert when it’s ready.

Now for Retro Saturday 4th week of September style:

Zooming back to 2007:

It seems there was a bit of a wild rumor about the dangers of hormones in milk. That said, it is much easier for me to find hormone free milk in 2010. Nice.

A reader and her spouse were having an argument about whether or not you need to pre-heat the oven.

Turning the page to 2008:

We have been in the recession for a while, but do you remember some of the over-reaction to the economic crisis? It’s been a long two years and several friends are still having to tighten their belts and make hard decisions, but aren’t you glad to see we didn’t quite fall to the Mad Max scenario. . . yet? There’s still a lot of talk of a double-dip, but there are things you can do to cushion the blow, conveniently many life skills are also money saving.

In the confessional I owned up to an embarrassing abandoned home improvement project. I am happy to report it has been completed.

Looking back to just last year:

We had a little fun when guest poster Candice shared how to make homemade playdough.

Have you tried the caramelized garlic and brown sugar chicken? Scared? Michael Carnell says even his picky teens love it.

Have a great weekend!

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