Comment Policy

Here at Home Ec 101 there are a few rules when it comes to commenting.

  1. Commenters must use a name or handle that is not offensive, vulgar, or only based on SEO keywords.
  2. Keep it PG. The occasional mild swear word may get a pass, but everything else heads straight for the trash. I and volunteer moderators have final say on what constitutes a violation of this rule.
  3. No personal attacks or hate speech.
  4. Try actually reading the article before adding your two cents.
  5. Feel free to disagree. Just have a reasonable argument with references, if you expect anyone to engage in conversation. If you comment, I disagree and then restate the point of the article, we reserve the right to point and laugh.
  6. Read other comments, someone may have already asked and received an answer to your question.

General guideline:

Remember that tone can often be difficult to convey in a short comment. Feel free to use emoticons (smiley faces, winks, etc) to let people know if you are serious or joking. Sarcasm is especially difficult without tone and facial expressions to make the point; what may be intended as a gentle rib may come across as a very rude statement.

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