I can see clearly now the spots are gone

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Another good comment:

I’ve always hated cleaning shower walls – they just seem so impossible to clean. And now we have a shower stall with clear doors that shows spots from our hard water in DAYS (even with squeegee-ing after every shower). And if I really want to get them off, I have to scrub them several times with Glass Plus.

how to get rid of hard water spots

Heather says:

Hard water can be a royal pain. After thoroughly cleaning the doors with a product such as CLR to remove all existing water spots apply a coat of car wax and buff to a shine. I have heard of using Rain-X, but I have not personally tested this product indoors.

bathroom cleaning
Tips to keep your bathroom squeaky clean!

An alternative to car wax is lemon oil, but it will need to be reapplied more often.

Once the product has been applied and buffed to a shine a quick squeegee after showers is all it should take to keep your doors sparkling.

Good luck.

P.S. Try not to get any on the floor, things will get mighty slippery, otherwise.

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6 thoughts on “I can see clearly now the spots are gone”

  1. Lemi Shine works great for that. It is formulated to get hard water deposits off of dishes and your dishwasher but there are other uses for it. The instructions on their website:
    Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with 16 ounces of water and 1/4 cup of Lemi Shine. Spray the shower doors thoroughly and allow to soak for a few minutes, then rinse. It’s that simple! With repeated use, your glass doors will shine like new!

  2. You might want to check with the people who installed your glass shower wall(s) and door(s).

    My guy said sprays COULD affect the adhesives used around the hinges and especially the clear plastic strips which fill gaps around the door and at the bottom.

    So far (a year) I find a strong spray followed by squeegee does the job. But, then I don’t think I have “hard” water.

    See what the glass man says.

  3. Uh, but do you really think you want those chemicals in shower — your bare skin and all? Might want to rethink whether spots are preferable to tumors/lesions (as just one obvious example)!

  4. Cheryl,
    I have not heard of that product, it may be worth a try.

    That is a good suggestion.


    There are several car waxes available using that are far less of a concern. Additionally, lemon oil is nontoxic and why I threw it out there.

    Thankfully hard water is a non-issue where we live.

    She would still have to address the problem every few days, this will reduce the upkeep.

  5. Hiya, Heather. Do you have a link for the lemon oil you’re thinking of, by chance? I’m not finding anything nontoxic, unless I just don’t understand, which is entirely possible. (No rush, FYI.)


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