Spring Cleaning: Bedrooms

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spring cleaning the bedroom

retrochick.JPGIvy says:

 Thanks to commenter Sandy, I am getting back on track with the spring cleaning posts. I totally have blogging ADD. I’ll be chugging along with something and then suddenly- “Look! A puppy!”

So, today we’ll talk about spring cleaning your bedrooms. Here we go, wheee!

  • I like to start with the closets. I toss everything except the clothes out of the closet and try to get rid of about half the stuff that’s in there, if possible. Eventually, you’ll get your clutter level down so low that there is mostly essential items in there, but you’ll still find stuff you don’t need, guaranteed.
  • Then take all the clothes out of the closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, you hate, or is stained or torn. Here are tips on how to get clothing clutter under control.
  • Once you have everything out of the closet, dust the walls, ceiling and light fixtures, wash the baseboards, and vacuum. Then put everything back in there.
  • Take your comforter off the bed and then dust the fan and/or light fixtures. The reason I say take the comforter off is because funky dust is easily washed off sheets, but depending on the laundry instructions for your comforter, it may not easily be washed off. If you do have a washable comforter, take your comforter off and wash it, store it, or whatever you do with it in the spring. Here’s some tips on how to clean a down comforter.
  • Take the sheets, dust ruffle, and any other extraneous stuff you have on your bed and wash them. Put pillows out in the sun to air out.
  • Pull all the furniture away from the walls and wash the baseboards and use your edging tool on your vacuum cleaner to clean where the wall and carpet meet.
  • If your curtains can be washed, take them down and wash them. If not, do a thorough vacuuming of your curtains. Wash the windows, too!
  • Thoroughly dust the walls and furniture. Remember: top to bottom!
  • Empty the trash in your room.

    guide to spring cleaning
    Click the picture to learn more!
  • Move all the furniture back and vacuum the entire room.
  • Clean out your nightstands. Get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Put clean sheets on your bed.

Enjoy your fresh, clean bedroom!

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10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Bedrooms”

  1. You make it sound so easy! Thanks for the step by step ideas. Do you have one for kids rooms? I have my supersize garbage bags, and heavy duty gloves ready for their room.

  2. Hey Ivy, care to come and show me how it’s done and do my spring cleaning for me this year? You make it sound very simple but my energy level does not agree! I need a spring time boost to get this job done.

  3. It took three days to clean out my closet and do most of that stuff! Man, I find this site some of my fav reading material! I still need to complete the rest such as moving the furniture to vacuum and such but, YAY

  4. I just want to say THANK YOU for this site. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago while looking for some sewing tips. I am the mother of two boys who are only 18 months apart and as a result am one busy lady. Taking into consideration your tips on cleaning etc. the clouds have parted, the sun has come out, and I have even found the time to shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!


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