Spring Cleaning: Home-Ec 101 Guide

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The snow is finally melting and the smell of spring is in the air. The urge to open the windows and clean the house has come upon me. If I try hard enough I can squash it, but it is actually a good thing so I guess I won’t. Here are some articles with tips, tricks, and info to help; just click the title of the post you want to read.

guide to spring cleaning

Why Is Spring Cleaning A Thing Anyway?

Spring cleaning serves as a convenient time to perform annual and semi-annual chores both inside and outside of the home.

Don’t Forget To Dust Your Computer

The next time you are at the store and snicker when you see the canned air – grab a can anyway. Why? Because it’s time to clean out your computer.

Friendly Spring Cleaning Encouragement

Since I can’t send my mom over to your houses for cleaning encouragement, I’ll have to do my best here. There’s something very spiritual and emotional with a good, all-over cleaning and decluttering.

Spring Cleaning: The Family Room

This has been a hard one for me to write, because I have a small house. My living room or family room or great room or whatever you want to call it is also my office, sewing room, dining room, etc, etc, etc. So the way I spring clean my living room wouldn’t necessarily be the same as yours.

Spring Cleaning: Bedrooms

Let’s talk about spring cleaning your bedrooms. Here we go, wheee!

Spring Cleaning For Disastrously Mess Homes

So how can you get that super-messy house under control? First, you have to be completely determined that you are going to get your house under control once and for all. It might take you months, but I doubt it. Check your supplies and make sure you have enough cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and trash bags.

Spring Cleaning: Room By Room

If your kids are anything like my 4 year old who is part Tasmanian Devil, it can be hard and frustrating to have kids who go right behind you messing up as you’re cleaning. Don’t stand for it- put them to work.

There are plenty of people with super messy houses, it happens. Now you’ve just got to get it clean and I know you can do it!

Happy Cleaning!

Clean Up with Home Ec 101
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