How To Get Stains Out Of Clothes: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

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Stains in clothes make me mentally debate how much I like the article of clothing and if I want to work on getting the stain out or just get rid of the clothing. Am I the only one that does that? My children only stain their most-favorite-ever clothing items and ask me to get it clean again. I’m glad for all of the following advice and hope it’s useful to you too. Just click the title of the article that you want to read more of.

how to remove stains in clothes

A two-fer: Grass stains and puppy pee

My daughter has a grass stain on her pretty little, made with love by Grandma, Easter dress.
My 13 year old dog has recently urniated on our carpet, for reasons unknown to us.

Bleach Spots Appearing on Khaki Shorts

I have been puzzled by this mysterious pink / red stains on my khaki shorts for years

Cleaning Up After Potty Training Accidents

…how do I launder it? I’m afraid bleaching would wipe the very important characters off of the underwear. Also, is there a way to wash the messy underwear with other clothes?

Crayons In The Dryer: Major Disaster

I’ve been spending all night dealing with a crayon in the dryer disaster. Anyway, my loss is your gain, since I’m sure you’ll remember this and make sure to apply the lesson I learned.

Dealing With Deodorant Stains

I have a fuchsia pink bridesmaids dress and there is a thin line of white along the armpit seam. I need to get rid of that stain.

Finding The Source Of The Mystery Spots On The Clothes

I don’t use softeners or softener sheets and every piece of clothing we own is being ruined by these grease stains. I have no idea what it is but I can only assume its from the dryer.

Grease on Khakis

I was making breakfast for the kids, and didn’t have my tried and true apron on. As I am sure you guessed, I got grease on my favorite go to khakis. HELP!!!!!!!

Hard to Remove Stains and a White Skirt

Since she’s two, there is no telling what those spots may be. I have tried using OxiClean, Dawn dish soap, and bleach, and the spots haven’t budged at all. I want to rescue her favorite skirt. What can I do?

Hard Water Stains on Light Colored Material and Clothing

I live in NH and have hard water well water, which has been staining all of our light colored clothing and towels since we moved here 6 years ago.

How To Get Sweat Stains Out Of Clothes

How do you get that deep-seated, almost died-in-the-wool B.O. out of clothes so that they can again be worn in public without fear?

How to Remove Decoupage or ModPodge from Clothing

I’m a bit of a mess and the decopage is all over my favorite yoga pants and a cute t-shirt. How can I get it out?

How to Remove Flammable Liquids from Clothing

Normally a brilliant man, he had a momentary lapse of stupid, and he smashed this roach with a plastic bottle of lighter fluid. You guessed it: the bottle cracked, and lighter fluid started leaking out on our wooden porch.

How to Get Grease Out Of Jeans

…when I pulled them out of my suitcase and went to iron them, lo and behold a HUGE stain down the entire right leg of my pants. Any suggestions for removing the set in grease stain or are my favorite pants gone forever?

How to Remove Gum from Clothing

I sat on gum in my favorite pants!

How to Remove Poison Ivy from Clothing

What is the best way to launder his clothes and keep the resin from spreading through the laundry?

How to Remove Stains from a Tie

Mr. Knots has a tie that needs some attention. It has a few stains but he needs to wear it Saturday night and I don’t necessarily want to take just a tie to the dry cleaner.

How to Use Acetone to Remove Grease Stains

I read in your book about using acetone to remove grease or oil stains from clothes, but it just mentions it in a list of items one might use. Can you please elaborate on this?

Ideas for Renewing a Stained T-Shirt

The stain is above the belly button location. So an odd place. However, I wondered how I might make a bleach design that would cover the lower half of the shirt.

Inkity Ink, a Bottle of Ink

My husband put a pen in his pocket today and I forgot to check the jeans before I washed them, then I dried them unknowingly, along with the destroyed pen.

Laundry Perplexion: Sourcing Mystery Spots

…every piece of clothing we own is being ruined by these grease stains. I have no idea what it is but I can only assume its from the dryer.

Lipstick in the Laundry

Help!! I took clothes out of the wash and found red lipstick in the dryer and all over my clothes.

Mud, THIS is why we don’t wear white pants before Memorial Day

I managed to get that reddish Tennessee clay all over the cuffs of my favorite pair of white pants. Can you help me get the stains out?

Oil and pants do not mix

I was getting my car fixed today, and I managed to get oil on my pants, somehow. What can I use to get my pants clean?

Spots in the wash

Seems like all my colored T-shirts come out of the washer with a few faint stains on the fronts.

Sunscreen Stains

A few times lately, I’ve pulled whites out of my washer with yellow stains. Not on the neck or underarms like you might expect, but looking more like I washed a highlighter with everything. Streaks on hems or sleeves, where there were no stains before the wash.

Sweaty Sheets: Dealing with Sweat Stains

For two years I have had problems with my bed sheets coloring. I’m not sure if it is my husband perspiration or what, but the fitted sheet & pillow case on his side of the bed discolors.

Traffic, traffic, lookin’ for my chapstick. Oh, it’s in the dryer.

I washed and dried a load of darks with a tube of lip balm. Needless to say, I have grease spots all over my clothes.

What Causes Black Underarm Stains and How to Prevent Them

I have black underarm stains on many of my shirts. That’s right – BLACK. The stains are on the inside of the shirts – but after a while it shows through to the outside of any light-colored shirts.

What Causes Spots on Clothing?

Your reply said it was from liquid fabric softner.  The problem is I don’t use fabric softner and I get these grease like spots on my clothing quite regularly.

What to Do About Dye Bleeding / Transfer in Jeans

My two prized purchases- a pair of dark skinny jeans and a fabulous black cotton shrug- are bleeding uncontrollably! I dont know how to “set” the fabrics of my jeans and shrug.

Why Are There Bleach Stains on my Towels?

I have been using my new front load washer for over a year now, and all my towels are ruined. It doesn’t matter what color they are or were. They now all have large spots that look like I used chlorine bleach on them. Can you help?

How To Get Grease Spots Out Of Jeans 

Usually, the grease spots on his jeans come out with Spray-n-Wash (sometimes I have to treat them twice) or it’s a pair of junk jeans and I don’t bother to worry about it. But he got a nasty grease stain on my favorite pair of his jeans…

Red Dye Stained My White Material- What To Do?

Today I did a load of tablecloths. One of them was red, and another was white. They were both new, but I figured modern methods of dying surely would keep the red tablecloth from bleeding onto the white. Right? Wrong.

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