Summer jeans, ripped at the seams

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

I am about to bawl my eyes out, y’all.  Picture it. Sicily. 19…wait, that’s another story entirely. Picture it. Nashville. 2007. Our heroine, the fabulous-but-cranky BadBadIvy goes out running errands in her very favorite pair of jeans. You all have a pair like this. They’re soft, old, comfy, and your butt actually looks good in them. Yes, THOSE jeans.

You know what comes next in the story. I ripped the knee in that awesome pair of jeans. The one my butt looks good in. I was about to cry.

So this is where you come in, oh great readers. I’m polling you:

What would you do? Would you cut them off and turn them into shorts? Would you attempt to patch them? Would you just go around with a hole in the knee, effectively turning them into yardword jeans? I just am kinda (excuse the pun) torn.

And while I’m at it, tell me about your favorite jeans. I want brands and where you bought them, ladies, I’m on the hunt for another pair of fab jeans.

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15 thoughts on “Summer jeans, ripped at the seams”

  1. Okay, well, my favorite jeans EVER were ones I found as a teenager. They were Limited brand, but they were irregulars, and I found them at a small department store in Scottsboro, Alabama. These fabulous jeans fit me absolutely perfectly (does that make me irregular?), and they stayed with me even as I gained weight in my early twenties.

    Alas, I gained too much weight AND ripped a hole in the knee. I replaced them with Mossimo jeans from Target, which are nice, even if they aren’t my favorites. I get lots of compliments in the Target jeans, though.

    The old jeans? I’m slowing cutting them into strips for my lab puppy to chew.

  2. I say cut them off into shorts. ESP. if they make your butt look good. Hard to find shorts that make your butt look good!

    The worst damage is when the ass splits out. Not patchable, not at the seams, and it says “your ass is so big it busted your pants”. *sigh* That happened to my favorite jeans recently. 🙁

  3. Ahhh, a friend of mine has a teenage son who just paid $75 for a pair of jeans with ripped knees. I say keep ’em. You are officially fashionable. Congratulations. LOL.

  4. I’m with Julie. Who says ripped jeans are just for yardwork? Weren’t you alive in the 80’s when we brought our jeans home and ripped them up? Youngster *grin*!

    Seriously, if you just make sure everything else is in good repair, a hole in the knee is a fashion accessory now.

  5. Yeah, I’d keep ’em with the rip. Even if they were just for lounging around in the house.

  6. A little rip in the knee isn’t a big deal at all. It may give them that “vintage” look that is hot right now.

    My favorite pair of jeans is a pair of Lucky Brand jeans. Their “socialite” style I believe. They fit great in the hips and thighs and have the cutest embroidered pockets. They’re the pair that I feel like I walk taller in. Know what I mean???

    Good luck!!!

  7. I’d stitch the knee and keep em. Actually, I’d ask my mother to stitch the knee and keep them.’

    My favorite jeans (which got donated to a good cause just last week) used to be the low-rise London Jeans from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Still searching for the perfect pair to fit my post-baby body…

  8. Keep them with the tear. I mean, they are jeans, right? They are supposed to be casual and relaxed. If the tear isn’t too bad, try to stich it up. Maybe it will hold for a little while, at least.

    My favorite pair of jeans were Gap “long and lean” (which is entirely ridiculous because I am neither “long” nor “lean”). I wore them plumb out. Two belt loops had torn off, the cuffs at the bottom were in shreds, and then, on one fateful day after watching Moulin Rouge, I was dancing in the kitchen with my roommate, did a can can kick, and tore the crotch right out of them.

    It was a sad, sad day. And one much re-lived at parties.

  9. Please, Ivy, whatever you do, DO NOT cut them off into shorts. Nothing says “I’m kinda sorta not really with it” like cut off shorts. Please, let the hole just get all vintagey. Don’t touch it. Maybe in a few years, cut off jean shorts with start making an appearance AND THEN you can cut them off. But please don’t. Not right now. I’m begging you.

    put the shears down.

  10. Patch the knee. You can either find a bit of embellishment or apliquee from a sewing store/fabric store or a (worn out) garment, OR use a seam ripper to remove a jean pocket from the same pair or another pair and use patch with the pocket, OR sew a patch of something underneath the rip and then zig-zag stich as a kind of “weave” over the both the rip and the patc (from the right side – use blue or contrasting thread). HTH from Vibeke in Oslo (who likes your blog)

  11. I beg of you, do NOT turn them into shorts. Who cares about the hole! That’s back in style! Strut your stuff, hole and all! Wear them anywhere you want sistah!

  12. I’d keep them, sew around the rip, so as to keep them from ripping more and just wear them as is. After all, pre-destroyed jeans can cost you big bucks at the fashionable boutiques. 😉 Why spend money on pre-destroyed jeans when you have a perfectly good pair at home?

  13. oooh oooh, I would turn them into shorts. I have such fond memories of my all time favorite pair of jean cut offs. Of course they were probably my favorite because they were so loose from loosing weight:) Now they are an awful reminder of how much weight I’ve gained:(

    Take care,


  14. I say leave the hole in ’em. It’s uber trendy right now. Not only that, but your hole position is not created by a company. This means your pair of jeans are unique to your own fit. Nobody has worn a hole where you have. If you wanna see some other nifty trends, check out 🙂

  15. Cut them!

    Summers just around the corner, and if there is any truth behind this whole ‘global warming’ thing, it’s going to be a HOT one.

    You could also rip a hole on the other knee, in the exact same place… who knows? It could become the next big thing.

    Or maybe it already is, and I am that out of touch…

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