Countdown to Turkey Day 2009: November 13, Make the List

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Heather says:

Let’s play catch up:

  • Is your dining room table free from junk?
  • Have you invited & confirmed guests
  • Have you written the menu?
  • Do you have all the recipes doubled or halved based on your need?
  • Have you figured out which serving dishes & utensils are needed?
  • Have you kept up with the daily chores?

We’re getting close.

Now that you know you have an idea of the amount of food you will need, it’s time to write out the grocery list. ¬†-This is where I found that spreadsheet incredibly helpful.- I wrote the title for each recipe in the header of each column and listed the ingredients. ¬†From that list I was able to easily assemble a shopping list organized into two lists. One contained all of the shelf-stable or frozen ingredients, the other had all of the perishables.

It’s also time to figure out where the turkey will thaw safely. Remember all meat needs to thaw below other foods. This way, if the packaging leaks there is no risk of cross-contamination. Don’t forget to be creative, an ice filled cooler could be quite useful in a temporary situation like this.

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