The Pandemic Countdown to Turkey Day: The Soft Menu Plan

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Last year I did not think I would simply be revising this post for the Countdown to Turkey Day, but here we are. Just like last year, things are not what they were and not everything is going to be smooth sailing for everyone.

Personally, we’re ok. It will be a smaller dinner here, my older kids will be at their dad’s. It’ll be fine, they’ll tear up the leftovers when they get back. It’ll be a little quieter than normal and that’s alright. It has been a very busy fall and we could certainly use some downtime.

I will be sticking to my usual menu:

. This is the menu planner we’ve been using since 2012; maybe you’ll still find it useful to sketch out an idea of what you wish you could have for Thanksgiving, what’s practical, and the compromise.


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1 thought on “The Pandemic Countdown to Turkey Day: The Soft Menu Plan”

  1. We are gonna have the full spread!! Turkey, rice, gravy, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, toy trains, everything! Oh, and I will be making an apple pie, of course. Just will be having a few less people, so I would guess there will be more leftovers for the kids.

    But they can’t have the toy trains. Those are mine. 🙂


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