The Skin You’re In

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Brian Brian says:

The past few winters have been harsher than most which means that the male species needs to take extra precaution when it comes to our largest organ (no, not that one). Our skin protects us, nourishes us and literally keeps us from falling apart, so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to keep it as healthy as possible? Here are some ways that you can keep your epidermis in tip-top shape without having to raid your lady friend’s make-up stash:

– Moisturizing: It cures what ails you.

Think more “Day on the Beach” and less “Sex and the City”. You have to understand that exposing yourself daily to even the most modest of elements takes its toll on the overall condition of your skin. This can have devastating results as you get older. It’s recommended that men and women moisturize their skin everyday, but I’ve come to find that applying a topical creme three times a week (day and night) will suffice for most guys with sensitive to normal skin. Those with oilier skin should moisturize even less. I recommend Anthony for Men’s “All Purpose Facial Moisturizer“. It’s a no-frills brand that recognizes that there are men out there who care about the health of their skin.

– Exfoliating: Everybody’s doing it!

A big subject of contention amongst men; the idea of having to walk around with an electric-green clay mask on doesn’t sound appealing to a man’s man. Truth is I would never be caught dead wearing one, even in the privacy of my home. Besides, could you imagine literally being caught dead with one of those things on? Your funeral would be a riot. Instead, invest in Dove for Men’s “Deep Clean Body and Face Bar” because it includes “purifying grains” that serve as an exfoliating agent without feeling like your washing with 40-grit sandpaper.

– Sunscreen: The year-round product.

Some people have this misconception that sunscreen should be used exclusively during the summer months just before stepping foot on the sand, but the sun itself is not your biggest concern. UV rays are constantly beating down on this blue marble we call Earth, so your skin is exposed from January 1st until December 31st. Your morning regimen should include a small amount of 15-to-30 SPF block applied to the face. Although most products nowadays include some level of protection, it would be in your best interest to grab a product that was designed to do one thing well. Jack Black’s “Sun Guard Oil-Free Sunscreen” boast 30 SPF and  applies light. It can also be used on the body and scalp for all you baldies out there.

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8 thoughts on “The Skin You’re In”

  1. I am a female reader. To me it seems strange having a man's input on this website. Though you have shared some useful information, must you tarnish the wholesomeness at Home Ec- 101 with your tainted remarks? What offended me was the post "The Skin You're In" I read today. Needed topic, yes,but in it you took liberties I didn't appreciate. You posted .."the male species needs to take extra precaution when it comes to our largest organ (no, not that one)"…
    I say, cut out the poorly chosen quips and retain the higher standard I have come to find at Home Ec-101.

    • Jan, I appreciate your input. However, I make double entendres all the time and I won't hold Brian to a standard higher than my own.
      We keep it pretty clean around here, but we also joke around, because housework can be such a dry subject.
      A third of the readers here on Home Ec 101 are male, but they tend to keep quiet and send me an email rather than commenting. Home Ec 101 is bigger than the battle of the sexes. Sure we have our moments where we all get a bit annoyed with one another, especially when it comes to perception, standards of cleanliness, and labor division. Most of those annoyances are overcome with communication or are a straw man in a bigger argument.
      I don't believe Brian meant anything other than a light hearted, tongue in cheek joke. Sometimes that can be a little hard to convey in text where we bring our own experiences to the forum.
      I hope you give him another chance.

    • I'm a female reader and I have very high standards when it comes to morals and common civility and decency. I didn't find Brian's remark offensive, but honest and funny. Guys think about THAT one a lot, so it's just real. This isn't a post that I am going to take away a lot from personally, but I'm not the only reader, nor are you. I agree with Heather–this is a very respectable site with genuinely high standards. I say, relax and try to understand another perspective.

  2. Brian – Love this article! My husband loves his skin too – thank goodness. 🙂

    I wanted to add that I use a facial moisturizer that INCLUDES sun-screen…my freckle face does bad things otherwise. (anyone for a game of dot-to-dot?) For someone who might have oily skin and not want to apply moisturizer AND sunscreen, an all-in-one could be a good alternative.
    My recent post What my Daughter Taught me at BlissDom 2011

  3. Jan-o,

    Freedom of speech. Freedom to comment. Freedom to look away. It’s kind of a big deal in Egypt right now. The comments like the content are an open forum and Brian should not be held to a higher regard, as Heather has so graciously put it. There have been plenty of posts, from the author in question, for you to become familiar with his tone and humor. I’m sure that in the future you’ll be able to make a more thoughtful choice when you come across Brian’s work.


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