Using Saturday To Get #backontrack

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

I don’t know about your house, but mine needs some serious cleaning. As the summer draws to a close and my kids get ready to go back to school next week, I look around and see how much cleaning needs to be done. When all three kids are home, trying to get the house totally clean is an exercise in futility.

Today’s efforts will be concentrated on the floors. I’ll be picking up all the flotsam that seems to end up in strange places like behind the television, then sweeping, then mopping all the floors. For me, I could have clutter on all my tables and counters and have a clean floor and I’d feel pretty good about how the house looks.

The other thing I’ll be doing is making the kids clean their bathroom. It’s disgusting. Really.

So, Home Eccers, what will you be doing while I’m getting #backontrack today? Don’t forget to use the hash tag on Twitter, if you are the Twittering sort.

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8 thoughts on “Using Saturday To Get #backontrack”

  1. Your kids go back to school next week? Wow, that seems early. I go back August 31, and I think even that is too soon. 🙂

    I’m trying to take these last couple of weeks to declutter my entire apartment, and set up a routine that will work for me while I attempt to work 40 hrs a week and take 3 college classes. Honestly, I’m pretty nervous about this semester.

  2. I did the kitchen, laundry and great room floors earlier this week. Right now I am continuing to sort out the mess under the kitchen desk. One box to go Once that is done, I will be finishing the bathrooms, cleaning the study and starting on the basement. Then the kids rooms. And I still need to clear the pine tree debris off the deck fro the last hail storm. Okay, now I’d better get going.

  3. We’re whipping the yard into shape. I did most of the house yesterday. My daughter’s birthday party is tomorrow, so we’ll have to do it all again on Monday. *sigh*

  4. I have to clean my floors everyday. I have 2 very hairy dogs and I wake up to tumble weeds of hair every morning. I mop about once a week, more if its raining, the dogs make a real mess. Im lucky to have all wood floors so it makes things alot easier. My BIG project is my shed before it gets cold.

  5. I am taking a so-I-don’t-pass-out break from stacking firewood. Son is using brushmower to clear out more brush in our extremely overgrown 8+ acres of woods. Daughter’s boyfriend is cutting up trees that were felled earlier, and she is helping him move stuff around with our little front-end loader tractor. Oh, and the guys are taking turns at occasionally splitting more wood by hand (we don’t have one of those fancy powered splitters) We’re gonna be set firewood-wise for probably 3 years now, as a side effect of just trying to clear out stuff that’s dead and overgrown. Feels good to get stuff accomplished – and i’m sure we’ll all sleep really well tonight.

    Oh, and I planned ahead and started some chicken slow-roasting in the oven to have for dinner.

    Okay. Break’s over now.


  6. So far – cut fabric for one top, have one more to do; drying some watermelon as a sample; canned some chicken. Cleaned the house yesterday (weekly routine, nothing massive).

  7. Back to school next week?! But that’s so soon – do they get out before the end of June? Here in western Canada, we go back to school the day after Labour Day, which is not until Sept 8th this year – 4 weeks of summer vacation still left for my kiddos, and for me. But I just got out of school on Friday because I try to catch up from being a part time student by taking summer semester courses. So, really, summer just started for me.

    And I’m so with you on the clean floors – doesn’t matter how much junk is on the counters, sparkly floors always make the difference 🙂

  8. Clean floors and a clean kitchen counter/stove and I’m a happy camper.
    My last-kid-in-college doesn’t live with us but his schedule affects mine, so I’m tuned into the fall coming (as well as my work — I’m a minister and our Sunday School starts up again after Labor Day, as does our fellowship groups and more teaching)
    I’m going to need a more regular and earlier rising time to deal with all the work at home and at the church, so I’m starting to dial back my bed time, just like I used to do with the kids’. It does work! Plus, I get some quiet time with coffee in the mornings now, so that’s a real bonus (it used to be chaos in command central with 2 or 3 or 4 getting ready for busses and school!)
    Good luck to you, Ivy, and to all the Moms out there. You are in my thoughts!


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